Air assisted (air-mix) airless spraying system

Air assisted (air-mix) airless spraying system

The air-assisted airless spray is same as Air-Mix spray system. They use 3-6bar compressed air pressure and fluid pressure 300 to 3,000psi (pounds per square inch) (2,100–21,000 kPa) to achieve best atomization of the coating. This equipment provides high transfer and increased application speed and is most often used with flat-line applications in factory finish shops, such as furniture. The fluid pressure is provided by an airless paint pump, which allows much heavier materials to be sprayed than with an air spray gun. Compressed air is introduced into the spray from an airless tip (nozzle) to improve the fineness of atomization.

We make our X6 electric airless sprayers with a portable compressor to allow the use of an air assisted airless gun in situations where portability is important. Then it will be equal to Gracon FinishPros 390 / 395 system. The fine finish will be perfect for furniture or other surface coating, wood, door, cabinet, table etc..

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DP-637G40 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun For Fine Finish

DP-637G40 Air-assisted airless spray gun designed for pneumatic airless paint sprayer. For professional use only. Fine finish gun with reversible airless



DP-X5AM Air-Assisted Airless Paint Sprayer 1.0L/Min

Motor power: 450W/0.6HP Max. tip size: 0.017″ Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20MpaFlow rate: 1.0L/min 0.27gpm


Fine Finish Pro DP-6321AM Air-Mix Airless Sprayer

Motor power: 1300W/1.8HP Max. tip size: 0.023″ Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi/21MpaFlow rate: 2.2L/min 0.58gpm


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