Electric Airless paint sprayer

Electric Airless paint sprayer


A piston pump Electric Airless paint sprayer is electric high pressure paint sprayer machine, which has many components including a piston, V packings, and spray valves. The piston moves up creating a vacuum to suck up the paint into a chamber, the fluid section, and piston down to push the paint into a high-pressure hose.

The V- packings create a seal to prevent pressure losses during the painting operation. Professional electric airless paint sprayers use self-adjusting V-packings to prevent premature wear and the need for repairs. Check valves, or ball and seat valves, direct the flow of painting material from the fluid section of the pump to the hose. This prevents the paint from being pumped back through the pick-up tube

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  • DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with Gun & Hose

    DP-X6 Portable Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/min

    Motor power: 550W for DP-X3, 650W for DP-X6 Max. tip size: 0.017" for DP-X3, 0.019” for DP-X6
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.0L/min 0.26gpm for DP-X3, 1.4L/min 0.36gpm for DP-X6


      DP-X3 & DP-X6 Small Electric Airless Paint Sprayer provides spraying performance in a compact, portable design – making it perfect for light-duty projects such as decks, fences, and other painting projects. ideal for DIY / Hobby user and also small contractor. It's ...

  • X24 X28 electric airless sprayer

    X24 X28 Electric Airless Sprayer similar to 495 595 for Contractors

    Motor power: 1500W / 1700W Max. tip size: 0.023" 0.025"
    Max.pressure: 210bar / 3045psi Flow rate: 2.4L/min 2.8L/min


    X24 X28 electric airless sprayer 2.4L/min 2.8L/min X24 and X28 electric airless sprayer are the ideal step-up for professionals who look for superior working performance and features in a small electric airless paint sprayer. X24(2.4L/min) and X28(2.8L/min) airless paint spra...

  • X32 electric airless paint sprayer 3.2L/min

    X32 Pro Electric Powered Airless Paint Sprayer 3.2L

    Motor power: 1800W 2000W Max. tip size: 0.031" 0.035"
    Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi Flow rate: 3.2L/min 4.0L/min


    X32 are electric powered airless paint sprayers for professional contractors, Mid-size professional machine with hand-carry design. Designed for interior and exterior buildings wall painting. it's similar to 695 pump, but more portable compared to Hi cart design. Ideal for all kinds o...

  • X51L Electric airless paint sprayer

    Motor power: 3000W/2600W Max. tip size: 0.037"(X41L 0.033")
    Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi Flow rate: 5.1L/min/(X41L 4.0L/min)


                                                                                                    X51L Professional Brushless Airless Painting equipment with LOW POSITION SUCTION VALVE is equipped with 2500W powerful brushless motor and long piston rod,  It's Designed for everyday use on al...

  • X81L Electric Airless Texture Sprayer 8.0L

    X81L Professional Contractor Electric Airless Texture Sprayer

    Motor power: 4.5KW Max. tip size: 0.045"
    Max.pressure: 228bar/3300psi Flow rate: 8.0L/min


      X81L is our most powerful electric airless paint sprayer piston pump with big output delivery 8.0L/min. It’s a good choice for professional contractors for all construction projects painting. It could be used to spray whole range of primers and paints and heavy coatings like putty / t...

  • X-6H Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with High Cart

    X-3H / X-6H Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with High Cart

    Motor power: 550W for X-3H, 650W for X-6H Max. tip size: 0.017" for X-3H, 0.019” for X-6H
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.0L/min 0.26gpm for X-3H, 1.4L/min 0.36gpm for X-6H


    Compared with X-3 / X-6, X-3H / X-6H airless sprayer is with Durable High Cart for great portability. X-3H & X-6H High cart airless sprayer is the Ideal option for DIY homeowners and handymen spraying low to medium coatings to take any interior project, exterior houses, fences and decks. The ...

  • X6V DIY airless paint sprayer

    DP-X6V DIY Airless Paint Sprayer with 5L hopper

    Motor power: 650W Max. tip size: 0.019"
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.4L/min


    DP-X6V is designed for DIY'er / homeowners and handymen to to finish the medium size projects with speed and finesse. The high pressure DIY Airless Paint Sprayer pump delivers a finely atomized spray for a flawless professional finish. This DIY airless sprayer is ideal for light-d...

  • X20 Electric Piston Pump Airless Paint Sprayer 2.0L/min

    Motor power: 1100w Max. tip size: 0.021"
    Max.pressure: 200bar 3000psi Flow rate: 2.0L/min


    X20 electric piston pump airless sprayer 2.0L/min X20 2.0L/min airless sprayer machine is designed for professional painters who spray daily with a wide range of coatings. This is an entry level professional paint sprayer machine, because it use the PMDC motor and also mechanical pr...

Airless sprayer Piston Pump VS Diaphragm Pump

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General Maintenance For The Airless Paint Sprayer

1.Use the appropriate size filters for the material being sprayed 2.Check filters daily, if clogged more than 20%, replace. If punctured, replace immediately....Read more

What Cleaner Should I Use To Clean My Airless Sprayer After Spraying?

To make it simple, you should use whatever the thinner is for the material you are spraying. E.g. Latex = Water Oil-base = Mineral Spirits Lacquer = Lacquer thinner ....Read more

How To Use An Airless Paint Sprayer ?

Airless paint sprayers come in many different configurations and designs but all have the same general features and controls. The basic idea behind how a sprayer works ......Read more

why my airless paint spray machine get over heating

Why does my airless paint sprayer get hot / over heating? Question: when we start using 6337ib airless paint sprayer equipment,  suddenly the motor is getting heated , then we turn off and again start after 10 minutes and after running for 10 minute...
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how to chose the airless paint spray tip size for your paint material

how to chose the airless paint spray tip size for your paint material? Airless paint spray tips are sized using a 3 digit number such as 515. The first number has to do with the width of the spraying fan and the last 2 digits refer to the si...
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