FineFinish Air-mix Airless Spray

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FineFinish Air-mix Airless Spray

Air-mix airless sprayer is combined with airless sprayer & air spray for fine finish.

The air-mix airless paint sprayer put a small compressor onto the airless sprayer unit, Material is delivered to the gun at 500–1500psi and is partially atomized through a small tip, the compressed air (5 - 35psi) spray to the edges of the spray fan – resulting in a softer pattern, more control, higher transfer efficiency, and less overspray.

  • DP-X5AM Air-assisted Airless Paint Sprayer

    DP-X5AM Air-assisted Airless Paint Sprayer 1.0L/min

    Motor power: 450W/0.6HP Max. tip size: 0.017"
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.0L/min 0.27gpm


    DP-X5AM Air-assisted Airless Paint Sprayer is the ideal choice for fine finish spraying jobs due to the perfect atomization performance, it’s the no. 1 choice for small/medium projects of spraying wooden furnitures, automotives, metal surface, etc.   Technical Data for the airless Pump: ...

  • air-assisted airless spray gun for fine finish spraying

    DP-637G40 Air-assisted airless spray gun for fine finish


    DP-637G40 Air-assisted airmix airless spray gun designed for pneumatic airless paint sprayer. For professional use only. Fine finish gun with reversible airless tip. The air outlets are positioned at precise locations to provide an optimal finish. Specifications of the Air-assisted airless spra...

  • Finsh Finish Pro 6321i Air-mix Airless Electric Sprayer

    Fine Finish Pro DP-6321AM Air-mix Airless Sprayer

    Motor power: 1300W/1.8HP Max. tip size: 0.023"
    Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi/21Mpa Flow rate: 2.2L/min 0.58gpm


      Fine Finish Pro 6321iH, a combination of DP-6321iH Airless Sprayer,Mini Compressor and Air-assisted spray gun DP-637G40 is ideal for fine finish spraying due to the perfect atomization performance, especially the good choice for spraying wooden furnitures, automotives, metal surface, e...

  • Air-assited airless penumatic paint machine

    DP-12C-2 Airmix airless paint sprayer


        Air-assisted airless pneumatic paint sprayer- Breakthrough in spraying technology - Continuous Innovation Airmix was designed to create a new spraying technology which combines the advantages of the conventional and Airless spraying technology. Airmix associates middle ...


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