DP-K301/151/451 Professional Pneumatic Airless Sprayer (30:1 15:1 45:1)

  • Model Number: DP-K301, DP-K151, DP-K451
  • Machine Power: pneumatic powered
  • Pressure controlling: Mechanical regulator
  • Flow rate: 6L/min, 1.58gpm (12L/min, 3.17gpm) (4.5L/min, 1.19gpm)
  • Air pressure: 3-8bar / 43.5-116psi
  • Air inlet: 1/4 inch
  • Fluid outlet: 3/8 inch
  • Spraying pressure: 24Mpa / 240bar / 3480psi (12Mpa / 120bar / 1740psi) (36Mpa / 360bar / 5220psi)
  • Net weight: 31.5kgs / 69.5Lbs (33kgs / 73Lbs) (30kgs / 66Lbs)
  • Gross weight: 34.5kgs / 76Lbs (36kgs / 79.4Lbs) (33kgs / 72.8Lbs)
  • Package: Plywood case
  • Measurement: 105*67*56cm / 3.5*2.2*1.8in
  • Container load quantity: 74SETS/20'FT, 153SETS/40'FT, 167SETS/40'HQ
  • Worn parts: v-packing and piston rod
  • Warranty: one year warranty for main components
  • Pressure ratio: 30:1, 15:1, 45:1
  • Air motor diameter: 160mm
  • Max. pump speed: 100 cycles per minute
  • Stroke: 100mm
  • Air consumption: 200L/min, 52.8Lbs
K301-pneumatic-airless sprayer 30:1/15:1/45:1

DP-K301 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer (30:1)

DP-K301/151/451 pneumatic airless sprayers are equipped with stainless steel fluid pump, all the web parts are made of stainless steel material. So this unit is suitable for all kinds of sealers, topcoats, primers and wiping stains, colorant, varnish, lacker, in medium to high viscosity.  Ideal for wood finish / furniture painting / surface painting jobs.

Features of K301/151/451 professional pneumatic Airless sprayer:

Proven quality of mechanical reverse system

High quality pneumatic airless paint sprayer with reliable Mechanical transducer / reverser, quick action and no ice low air consumption. This air assisted airless pump provides higher efficiency & minimum maintenance, for industrial usage.

Stainless steel fluid pump

The air assisted airless pump use hardened stainless steel fluid pump and stainless steel piston rod, could be used for both oil-based and water-based coating

Durable v-packings

Teflon + Leather V-packings will always works like new,  only replace it once per year. Save you time and money on your maintenance and repairing.

Compact size and light weight

This pneumatic air-assisted airless sprayer is small size and light weight, it’s ideal for furniture painting, factory, steel structure, etc. Commercial or industrial painting jobs which last 12 hours every day.

Built-in air filter group

Equipped with air filter regulator & lubricator for easy air controlling, filtering, and lubricating. Surely prolong the machine’s lifetime and performance.

Large manifold filter

The large manifold filter will always ensure you equal and nice finishing without pressure fluctuate. Meanwhile reduce the tip clogging also.

Pneumatic big wheels

The inflating pneumatic wheels for easy moving on rugged jobsite roads.

AAA (Air-assisted airless) for K151

The DP-151 air-assisted airless pump could be produced in air-assisted airless type, attached with AA airless gun, provide perfect atomization and great finishing results, especially for furniture woodworking nice finish.

Technical data of K301/151/451 professional pneumatic Airless sprayer:











air assisted spray gun

air assisted spray gun



Pneumatic painting equipment

Click for large photo












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  1. eric
    2015/12/03 at 18:43:51

    Please send me a quote on the dp301.

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    2014/06/10 at 04:16:21

    please send price list and more details

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