Gas powered Airless sprayers

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Gas powered Airless sprayers

The petrol / gas powered airless sprayer is driven by a gasoline engine with pressure control via an electric clutch.

A direct-drive gas / petrol engine develops the horsepower to drive the pump and the electrical energy to power the clutch.

The gas powered airless sprayer is ideal for outdoor spraying application where is no electricity on the jobsite.

we have Gas engine powered Piston pump & Diaphragm pump both types airless paint sprayers, and the engine could be Honda engine or other brand gas engine

  • X80GL Gas powered Airless Sprayer similar to 7900

    Motor power: 8.5HP Max. tip size: 0.047"
    Max.pressure: 227bar / 3300psi Flow rate: 8.0L/min


    X80GL contractor gas powered airless paint sprayer 8.0L/min X80GL gas powered airless paint sprayer is the most powerful and DP's largest gasoline sprayer pump machine for professional contractors for large projects / commercial / new residential construction projects painting. ...

  • DP-6331G gas airless spray machine

    DP-6331G Gasoline Airless Paint Sprayer Piston Pump

    Motor power: 5.5HP Max. tip size: 0.031”(one gun),0.021” (two guns)
    Max.pressure: 210bar / 3045psi Flow rate: 4.0L/min


    Designed for all new construction, residential repaint and commercial projects where electricity is not available. This high performance gas powered airless sprayer will apply all water-based and oil-based coatings painting, quickly, easily and efficiently. Similar to GPX 85, same working per...

  • DP-6335G-heavy-duty-petrol-driven-airless-sprayer

    DP-6335G Gas powered Airless Sprayer

    Motor power: 6.0HP Max. tip size: 0.035”(one gun),0.023” (two guns)
    Max.pressure: 210bar / 3045psi Flow rate: 5.5L/min


    DP-6335G is a new designe powerful gasoline powered piston pump for spraying almost all common coatings. It’s GPX 130 type, perfect working performance.   Features of DP-6335G Gas powered Airless Sprayer: Big pumping capacity. Stainless steel fluid section, durable and light weig...

  • DP6845 Gas Engine powered airless sprayer outdoor

    DP-6845 Gas powered airless sprayer

    Motor power: 4hp 3000Watts Max. tip size: up to 0,031″
    Max.pressure: 250bar / 3630psi Flow rate: 4.5 L/min (1.16GPM)


      The DP-6845 Petrol / Gas powered Airless Sprayer equipped with reliable LONCIN gasoline engine, Ideal for new construction, or outdoor / exterior project where the electricity is not available. Attached with belt-driven diaphragm pump which generate 4.5L delivering capacity, capable of ...


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