Electric HVLP spray guns

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Electric HVLP spray guns
High Volume Low Pressure electric spray guns are designed for home user / hobby user / DIY painting job, the low pressure air would atomize the diluted paint onto the painting surface, like wood door window cabinet fence, or plastic dip car painting. There's no air compressor needed, so we can call this electric airless spray also.



    Model: DP-009 Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50HZ, 120V/60HZ Power: 600W Paint Tank: 700ml Max. Viscosity: 60din/sec Max. Flow Rate: 0.4L/min Nozzle: Φ1.8mm Hose Length: 1.8m Accessories in Package: 1pc viscosity measuring cup 1pc shoulder belt 1pc 1.8m air hose Package:...

  • DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with Gun & Hose

    DP-TS200 2-stage 3-stage Turbine paint sprayer hvlp


    The high performance turbine HVLP Finishing System is a robust and quality driven sprayer which sprays most finish coatings: lacquers, clear coats, varnishes, enamels, water-borne coatings, stains, and oil-based paints with hot air, Ideal for professional fine finish on furniture, automotive, ...

  •  hot dip plastic dip paint sprayer

    DP-008 HVLP Paint Sprayer


    DP-008 Electric hot dip paint sprayer gun is a HVLP paint sprayer tool, it can be used to spray paint, lacquer, and varnish, plastic dip etc. thin material,  normally it can be used for painting the wall, wood, cement, stucco, on rough or smooth surface, indoor or outdoor furniture / walls. T...

  • electric-paint-sprayer-kit

    PZ-001 Electric HVLP paint sprayer kit 650w


      PZ001 Paint sprayer/ Electric hvlp paint sprayer kits could be used for water-based latex/emulsion on the walls (satin or matt - whatever you prefer) and solvent-based gloss or satinwood on doors / furniture / bench / windows etc. Teachnical data: *Voltage/frequency: 110V/60HZ or 220V/...

  • DP-003 Electric Paint Spray Gun Combo Kit

    DP-003 electric spray gun combo kit 650w


    DP-003 electric paint spray gun combo kit (* DP003 is only the electric paint sprayer kit ) (* DP003B is the combo kit for 3 in 1 (spray gun + dust collector + inflator) ) Technical data: *110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ *Compressor motor power 600W *Motor free round speed.30000rpm *Max flow rat...

  • DP-007 Electric Paint Sprayer Gun

    DP-007 hand-held portable paint sprayer kit


    DP-007 Electric paint sprayer gun is similar to Wagner Control Spray or Bosch PFS 55 sprayer models. Technical data: *110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ *Motor input power 350W *Max flow rate is 180ml/min *Free load speed. 30000rpm *Max. Viscosity: 50din/second *Working pressure: 3-4psi *Electric ...

  • DP-001 Electric HVLP Paint Spray Gun Kit

    DP-001 Popular HVLP spray gun DIY kit


    DP001 electric paint spray gun  is Ideal for spraying paint, latex, primer, lacquer, varnish etc. for home / garden / furniture / table / framing. The requirement for the painting material viscosity is less than 50 second. Technical data: *110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ *this electric hvlp sprayer ...

Airless Sprayers or HVLP Sprayers – What’s the Difference?

The two types of sprayers used for architectural spraying are the airless and the HVLP (stands for: "high volume, low pressure). There is another type of sprayer, the conventional compressed air sprayer, but this type is never used for house painting...
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