Road line marking machine, line striping machine, line painting machine for parking lot / road line / high way / sport field pitch grass field / school sports etc.

Road line marking machine

The Road Line Marking Painting Machines is a wheeled cart airless sprayer driven by a petrol engine.

The spray gun (1 or 2) will be fixed on the side of machine, the position and angle could be adjusted so as to get different width / distance lines.

The Road line marking machine will use a special Line Spray Tip, which make sure the both ends of the paint is equal to the middle.

The Road line marking machines has 2 control handle for easily any-direction going, or just straight going. and another handle is for controlling the spray gun start & stop spraying.

  • DP-980L Airless Line Striper Membrane Pump

    DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine with Diaphragm Pump


    DP-980L Airless Line Striper Membrane Pump DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine Diaphragm Pump High Quality X450 Airless Spray Gun for DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine with Diaphragm Pump is entry level Gasoline engine powered line striper, ideal for li...

  • DP-TP3900L Two-Components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine

    DP-TP3900L Two-components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine with glass bead dispenser

    Motor power: 6.5HP Max. tip size: 0.039”(one gun), 0.031”(two guns)
    Max.pressure: 227bar/3300psi/22.7Mpa Flow rate: 15L/min 4gpm


    DP-TP3900L Two-components Roadline Painting Machine with glass bead dispenser, hydraulic driven type with 6.5HP Honda petrol engine, is specially designed for heavy duty roadline striping projects. Applicable for spraying all kinds of water-based, oil-based, two-components roadline marking coating...

  • DP-6335L Roadline Marking Machine with Piston Pump,Airless line striper

    DP-6335L Contractor airless line striper line painting machine


      DP-6335L airless liner striper / roadline painting machine is a higher output (attached with 2 spray guns) and longer sustained use design, good for your continuous heavy-duty line striping requirements. It's similar to PowerLiner 2850. Features of 6335L Contractor airless line stripe...

  • DP-LC860 Hydraulic powered piston linemarker

    DP-LC860 Hydraulic Powered Piston pump Linemarker, line painting machine

    Max.pressure: 228bar / 3306psi Flow rate: 12L/min


    [doptg id="56"] DP-LC860 Line Coat Airless Road Line Marker is indirectly driven by hydraulic. The piston here makes a considerably longer stroke than with other directly driven pumps. Bigger power combined with the large cross section of the suction system provides higher suction power thus spra...

  • DP-6325L Airless Road Line Marking machine,piston pump line striper

    DP-6325L Airless line striper painting machine


      DP-6325L airless line striper painting machine is a medium output piston pump paint sprayer machine for medium size parking lots, school sports field, street etc. line painting job, good for your continuous small to medium line striping requirements. Features of 6325L Airless line str...

  • DP6800 road line striping machine

    DP-6800 road line marking painting machine (Diaphragm pump, 4HP 4.5L)

    Max. tip size: 0.031''
    Max.pressure: 220bar Flow rate: 4.5L/mins


    [doptg id="64"]     DP-6800 airless line striper (4HP 4.5L) / line painting machine with diaphragm pump is the preferred choice with line striping parking lots, athletic fields. It is ideal for most low to medium VOC, waterborne traffic paints. This is a great entry level Gas engi...

  • DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Stiper

    DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Striper / Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Marking Machine / Line Booster

    Motor power: 5.5HP


    DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Striper is a ride-on thermoplastic line painting machine that can connect to a DP Line Booster. Many of the thermoplastic stripers in use today are hard to maneuver, fatiguing and lack the features necessary to improve productivity. Today's contractors...

  • X-6L Grass Line Marking Machine, Football Pitch Line Marking Machine

    Motor power: 650W Max. tip size: 0.019"
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.4L/min 0.36gpm


      X-6L battery-driven parking lot line striper / Grass Line Marking Machine / Football Pitch Line Marking Machine is powered by a high-output 48V/20Ah battery allowing it to be used for outdoor line marking jobs, like the shopping mall parking lot, commercial building line marking, school sp...

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