which kind of airless paint sprayer can be used for epoxy

Which airless spray machine do you purchase for spraying epoxy? Bigger is always better, but there are some minimum requirements for a sprayer that you have to abide by.

Firstly, working pressure– 3000 – 3500psi working pressure minimum. This means that the machine should operate over this range. If the machine is rated for 3000 psi maximum, you may find that the operating pressure is actually less than 3000psi. That pressure will never do.

Secondly, choosing airless tips– 0.023″ to 0.027″ minimum. This is the part of the spray gun where the epoxy exits the machine. If the spray tip is too small, the pressure that the machine operates at will be impeded and not enough coating will exit the gun to do the job properly. We suggest that the bigger tips work better. The more volume you can move, the easier it is to cover your project.

Thirdly, fluid Hose – Typically there are tow types of hose, both measured in inside diameter, 3/8” and 1/2. Again, the need is for volume, then try and get the large inside diameter hose.

Fourthly, choosing Gas or Electric – Either type will work fine. Generally gas machines tend to be larger in terms of the operating pressure, they are more suitable for spraying epoxy than electric machines, but also please check the machine specifications before purchase


below is a video for your reference of our DP6335i for spraying the floor epoxy.

DP-6335i Heavy Duty Airless Spray System for putty sprayingDP-6335i Heavy Duty Electric Airless Sprayer

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