All you need to know about the DP electric drywall sander !

1. What is an Electric Drywall Sander?

While it’s not recommended that you take a standard palm or DA sander to drywall, there are some devices out there invented specifically to speed up the process of sanding drywall or plaster board.

In general, you’ll find that drywall sanders are attached to poles and come with a dust collection system. Both of these are pretty much required features, otherwise you’re going to have to mess around with ladders and the fine dust generated by a power sander will permeate your entire home.

We have both the dustless drywall sander which contains a blade motor that suck the dust itself to the dust collection bag through the long handle. and meanwhile we have the sander without self-vacuum feature, then you need connect it to vacuum cleaner.

Do not use a regular electric sander to do drywall. You’ll quickly find yourself choked with dust and they’re hard to position along the edges in order to smooth out the compound you’ve laid down.

Dust is your main enemy anytime you’re working with drywall mud, electric sanders can aggravate this by tearing off smaller particles of drywall and sending them airborne. Even if you’re using a specialty sander, it’s a good idea to make sure you have at least a paper face mask, although a filter mask is preferable.

A specialty dustless drywall sander will allow you to reduce dusk and get the job done right.

DP-700A Hand-held Drywall Sander with Auto-vacuum System 800W

2. What Types of Electric Drywall Sander Are There?

For the most part, you’ll find that these wall sanders are separated by the length of their poles and the power of the vaccum motor attached. Keep in mind that a drywall sander uses a lot of power, since you’ll be both sucking up dust and running the sander itself.

Most of them will require an external vacuum cleaner in order to gather all dust while you’re working. For the most part, any shop vacuum cleaner will work. but our DP506 vacuum cleaner is specially designed for wall sanding because it use both HEPA filter and also water filtering. The water will 100% get all the dust even very fine grain, all you need to do is just pour out the dirty water every 3 working hours, and then pour in new clean water.

Variable speed sanders are particularly useful for the home craftsman, allowing you to use higher speeds to quickly sand through large portions of mud and lower ones to get everything smooth afterwards.

This choice can be vital if you’re working in tight quarters where dust will accumulate. Lower speeds will slow the air contamination with mudding dust.

There are also sanders with telescoping handles which allow you to extend the pole to a desired length. Telescoping handles are particularly useful in hallways and small rooms, since you can shorten things up while you’re working on the main portion of the wall and extend it when you need to get the ceiling.


DP-1000F Foldable electric drywall sander with best price


3.What are the Advantages of an Electric Drywall Sander?

The primary advantage offered over hand sanding is speed.

You’ll be able to make short work of an afternoon long job with an electric sander. The problem with those that aren’t specialized for the purpose is that all of the time you saved will be taken back up while you have to sweep, vacuum and generally gather dust from everywhere in the house.

Plaster dust travels extremely far, so be sure to seal up the room even if you’re using a specialty sander. Masking tape can make a good seal if your doors don’t have thresholds at the bottom and will come up without leaving any residue when you’re done.

It’s also possible, with some skill, to end up with a smoother final finish than you’d be able to achieve with sandpaper. This comes from the additional power allowed by the electric motor, and you’ll need to make short circular motions in order to achieve it.

Don’t think that they can replace skilled sanding, or even replace having to use sandpaper entirely, but they’ll get the bulk of the work done in a hurry and allow you to focus on the areas that truly need an artisan touch like the edges where ceilings and walls meet.

You’ll also find that it takes a huge amount of the manual effort of finishing the wall up out of the equation. It might not seem like it to someone who’s never been there, but sanding drywall is hard work and professional job.

You’ll find that a DP electric drywall sander saves time and effort at this vital stage of your project, even when it comes to clean up.


DP-600E portable drywall sanders, dry wall sanding tools


The procedure of the interior decoration:

Cement Plastering
You can use a cement plaster mixer to mix the cement plaster.
Plastering work can commence after the initial lighting and electrical plumbing work has been completed. Cement plaster is generally sprayed by plastering machine DP-830 860, or DP-T7 screw pump. Both are screw pump system which will generate 30-40bar pressure, and can support 3 floors spraying height. The cement plaster is applied with 13 mm thickness and sometimes it can be of 20 mm thickness. On completion of brickwork, plastering is to be done.

(a) to make the building structurally strong

(b) to protect it from the effect of weather, and

(c) to give it an attractive look.

and then use airless paint sprayer to start Painting- Is done with cement primer once initial wiring work and plumbing works are done. you could use the DP Paint Sprayer Equipment to spray the primer onto the wall as bottom paint, and then spray the acrylic latex onto the wall as surface coating.

if you want to know how to chose the right airless paint sprayer, welcome to visit our blog below

How to Select the Correct Airless Paint Sprayer


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All you need to know about the DP electric drywall sander !

1. What is an Electric Drywall Sander? While it’s not recommended that you take a standard palm or DA sander to drywall, there are some devices out there invented specifically to speed up the process of sanding drywall or plaster board. In genera...
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