What is an airless sprayer?

An airless sprayer is a pump that transfers paint under high pressure (usually around 3000 psi) via a high pressure paint hose (usually about 15m long) to an airless spray gun. When the trigger is pulled on the airless spray gun, fluid is released through a small orifice airless spray tip or nozzle which breaks up fluid into small droplets (atomization) without the use of compressed air. The tip also creates the fan pattern of the atomized spray depending on the size of the tip selected.

The airless sprayer has lot of advantage, such as high efficiency, save your time, save your paint, less overspray, equal finish, Can spray high viscosity paints, and also save thinner cost.

The airless paint spraying is 10 times faster than hand brushing, 7 times than paint roller, 2 times to conventional air painting. but much less overspray, less bounce back of the paint on the spraying surface.

So it’s ideal for large area painting project, like

House / wall / roofing / floor / garden fence….

Steel structure, metal finish,

Heavy duty Industry & machinery,

Shipyard / marine / boat,

Building and Construction,

Pipe / tank,

Fireproofing / waterproofing / heat insulation etc…


welcome to visit the page below to check the comparing of the

Hand Brushing Roller Coating Air Painting High PressureAirless Painting

Compare High Pressure Airless Painting with roller & brush & air spray

The Advantage of High Pressure Airless Painting is summed up as below compared with other traditional Painting Methods. Painting Method/ Comparison Aspects Hand Brushing Roller Coating Air Painting High Pressure Airless Painting Working Efficiency 35-50m2/h 45-60m2/h 200-30..


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