Polyurethane Foam Sprayer machine, Polyurea waterproofing sprayer equipment

Polyurethane Foam Reacting Machine, Polyurea Sprayer

PU polyurethane foam sprayer machine / Polyurea spray machine are high pressure 2 component reactor system with heater

The PU Polyurethane Foam reacting system will supply 1:1 1:2 mix ratio for ISO isocyanate & Polyol closed or open cell

The Polyurea sprayer machines are air-pneumatic driving & hydraulic driving unit, for 2 component polyurea liquid.

All the 2 component sprayers use powerful heater and heating hose for fast material heating, which will generate best reaction and result.

  • FA20 polyurethane foam reactor

    DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reacting System


    This DP-FA20 polyurethane foam reacting machine is a high pressure foaming machine. Application Of DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reacting System: Polyurethane foam  (A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol ) , 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam insulate packing, PU foam filling j...

  • FA50 polyurethane sprayer two components

    DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer


      This DP-FA50 foam insulation sprayer / foam spray machine is totally air pneumatic compressor powered, used digital control and easy to use and learn system controls. Applications Of DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer : Polyurehtane foam, 2-components spray, spouting, he...

  • Polyurea Sprayer Reactor

    DP-FA60 Two-component Sprayer equipment for both Polyurethane and Polyurea


    DP-FA60 Polyurethane/Polyurea/Foam Insulation Sprayer equipment is specially designed for professional polyurea spraying (or polyurethane spraying) that requires higher pressure and higher temperature, and the sprayer equipment is pneumatic compressor powered/air-driven with digital system...

  • Hydraulic-driven Polyurea Sprayer Reactor

    DP-HXP30 hydraulic-driven polyurea sprayer equipment


    DP-HXP30 Polyurea Sprayer equipment, simirlar to H-XP3,  is designed for professional polyurea spraying (or polyurethane spraying) that requires high pressure, and this is always the top no. 1 option for professional contractors/painters. The polyurea spraying machine is hydraulic-driven power...

  • DP-AXP18 Air-driven polyurea spraying machine

    DP-AXP20 Air-driven polyurethane/polyurea spraying machine


    AXP20  Specifications: Voltage / Frequancy. 400V 50Hz Heating power:20KW (2.25kw * 8 heater + 2kw heating hose) Driving: air-driven Compressed air: 5-8bar ≥1.3m3/min Output capacity:2~12kgs/min Max.pressure:240bar A/B component mixing ratio:1:1 Net weight: 195kgs Package: wooden case V...

  • DP-UG7 Spray Guns for Spray Foam

    DP-UG7 Polyurea Spray Gun


    The UG7 Spray gun is great for tough job sites, and trusted, lasting performance. Choosing the gun that is going to work the best for your applications and typical jobs can be a daunting task. UG7 has established a great reputation with the spray polyurea industry over the years, and can be easi...

  • FA40 polyurethane PU foam sprayer

    DP-FA40 Polyurethane foam spraying machines


    This DP-FA40 polyurethane foam sprayer can be adjusted the proportion of polyurethane A and B in the range of 1:1. Application of the polyurethane foam sprayer: Polyurethane foam  (A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol ) , 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam insulate packing, PU foam...

  • DP-HXP20 Hydraulic Sprayer Machine System For Polyurea Or Polyurethane

    DP-HXP20 hydraulic sprayer machine system for polyurea or polyurethane


        * HXP20 polyurea spray machine is hydraulic powered system with best performance, stronger power, higher pressure and higher volume output. It could * This HXP20 is designed for 1:1 or 1:2  polyurea spraying ( or polyurethane spraying).  This is always your 1# choice if yo...

  • DP-HXP20B Plural Component Equipment (Mixing Ratio Adjustable)

    DP-HXP20B Plural Component Equipment (Mixing Ratio Adjustable)


    This HXP20B Plural Component Equipment is designed for polyurea spraying (or polyurethane spraying). This is always 1# choice for professional users. The machine is hydraulic powered system with best performance, stronger power, adjustable Mixing ratio and higher volume output, etc. Technidal d...

  • polyurea sprayer equipment

    DP-AXP15 air-driven polyurea sprayer equipment


      * Powered by air compressor with max.8bar and 1cbm/min output * This AXP15 is designed for polyurea spraying system. * Bigger diameter air cylinder will generate bigger power and higher pressure, for polyurea spraying. * More power heater will generate higher temperature for y...

  • DP-A20 PU Polyurethane Foam Sprayer

    DP-A20 PU polyurethane foaming spraying machine


                  DP-A20 PU polyurethane foam spraying equipment   * Designed for spraying the foaming (A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol ) two components mixing and spraying. * Powered by air compressor with max.8bar and 1cbm/min output * This A20 polyurethane foam spraying machine has...

  • heated hose

    Polyurethane Reacting Heated Hose


        This reacting heated hose is a NEW developed polyurethane insulation heating hose that help maintain proper fluid temperatures while spraying, resulting in better yield and performance. Working together with DP-FA50, FA60 etc. plural components reactors. Features Of High Pre...