Paint tanks, pressure tank

Paint tanks, pressure tank

Pressure pots, Paint tanks with manual or air mixer agitator

DP has 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L, 60L different capacity paint tanks in different material. Steel tank or stainless steel tank.

All the paint tanks could be attached with twin hose / paint spray gun, or without.

All the pressure tanks are attached with high quality safety valve and pressure gauge.

our DP paint tanks are tested one by one before shipment, different colors are available. Teflon coating is available. OEM orders are welcome

  • P-6611A High Quality Paint Tank with Air Agitator 10L

    DP-66 Series High Quality Paint Tanks 10L 20L 40L


      DP-66 Series High Quality Paint Tanks / paint pressure pot, 10L/20L/40L, with Automatic Air Agitator and Manual Agitator Ideal choice for big area spraying like interior and exterior wall, floor and machinery etc. The air driven air agitator will mix the pain...

  • DP–T10SS Stainless Steel Paint Tank paint pressure pot 10 Liter


    DP-T10SS stainless steel paint tank Tank capacity: 10L Material: stainless steel 304 (bothe the lid and the tank body are in 304 stainless steel) Inlet & Outlet size: 1/4″ The paint pressure pot is equipped with safety valve to ensure the tank is always under the safe pressure. stainless...

  • DP-6402 Paint Tank with Spray Gun Combo Kit

    DP-6402 Paint Tank 10L and spray gun hose kit


    DP-6402 Paint Tank with Spray Gun Combo Kit Technical data for DP6402 paint tank: Model: DP-6402 paint tank Tank Volume: 10L (8L / 15L are also available) Tip Size: 2mm With 2pcs 6.5*10mm PU hoses(3m) and spray gun combo kit.. Quantity Per Outer Carton: 2pcs Carton Size: 60X30X42cm N.W.: 19....

  • Air-agitator Auto Mixing Paint Tanks (10L/20L/40L/60L)

    Air-agitator Automatic Mixing Paint Tanks


    Air-agitator Auto Mixing Paint Tanks  / paint pressure pot (10L/20L/40L/60L different capacity) DP-6111A, DP-6412A, DP-6414A, DP-6416A Automatic agitator Paint tanks pressure pot are big capacity tanks with stainless steel inner tank perfect for big area spraying like in / out wall, floor and...

  • manual mixing pressure tank (10L/20L/40L/60L)

    Hand Mixing Paint Pressure Tanks Manual Agitator


      DP-6411H, DP-6412H, DP-6414H, DP-6416H hand-mixing Paint pressure tanks are professional for large area coverage at spraybooths, garages,workshops, gardens etc with manual agitator (hand mixing).. The tanks can reach to 40cm at the distance of 20cm away from the working surface. It is ...

  • Stainless steel paint tank

    DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank 20 liter


    Technical data Of DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank 20 liter: DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank Tank capacity: 20 L Material: stainless steel 304 Inlet & Outlet size: 1/4" Equipped with safety valve to ensure the tank is always under the safe pressure. Include with 2 easily...