Which Airless Sprayer can be used for SikaTop Seal-107?

SikaTop Seal-107 is cementitious waterproofing coating.

If you do not have an idea which airless sprayer machine is better for SikaTop Seal-107, please read on.


Product Description:

A cement base, 2 component polymer modified waterproofing slurry. It is applied to concrete and mortar structures to prevent water infiltration.



Seal-107 is used for external and internal waterproofing, crack sealing,

repair work and protection from frost and detrimental effects of de-icing agents in the

following structures:

  • Sewage treatment facilities including concrete tanks, digestors, clarifiers etc…
  • Water treatment facilities.
  • Waterproofing basement and cellars. n Terraces and balconies.
  • Bridges & Sea walls.
  • Retaining walls & for sealing “hairline” cracks in concrete structures not subject to movement surfaces.
  • Swimming pools and waterproofing of drinking water tanks and reservoirs.



Advantages SikaTop® Seal-107 provides the following beneficial properties:

  • Pre-batched components.
  • Mixed and applied easily & it can be spry applied
  • Slurry or trowelable consistency.
  • Good adhesion to sound substrates.
  • Impermeable and protection against concrete carbonation (80 microns SikaTop® Seal-107 is equivalent to 6 inches of concrete).
  • Increased frost and salt resistance.
  • Non-toxic and slightly flexible.
  • Non-corrosive to steel or iron & over-paintable.


Product Data:


Colour Grey, White, Beige and Light blue
Packaging 25kg(A+B)
Storage Conditions Free from frost and moisture
Shelf Life 12 months when unopened




Technical Data:

Chemical Base Part A: liquid (Styrene acrylic) polymer and additive

Part B: Portland cement selected aggregate and admixtures

Density Comp (A+B) = 2.0 kg/I (mixed)
Compressive strength 30 – 40 N/mm2 at 20C after 28 days (mortar consistency) (ASTM-C-942-94)

I.S.O. Quality assurance laboratory Results.

Flexural strength 10 – 12 N/mm2 at 20C after 28 days (mortar consistency). (ASTM-C-580-94)
Bond strength Approx. 2 – 3 N/mm2 after 28 days (sand blasted). (ASTM-C1042/85)


Application Details:

Mixing ratio:  Slurry 1:4 by weight

Mortar 1:4.5 by weight



Depending on type of application, two (2) coats always required. Three (3) coats may

be required in areas of extremely high infiltration.

1st coat consumption 1-1.5 kg/m2 on damp surface.

2nd coat consumption 0.8 – 1 kg/m2 approx.



The consistency of the mix can be altered by reducing the amount of component (A) (liquid) to be used. Under normal circumstances, when the full quantities of both components are mixed together, a slurry consistency will result. For a trowelable consistency use only 90% of component (A) (approx. 4.5 kg) Mix in a clean container by slowly adding the powder component to the liquid component and stirring with slow speed mixer.

SikaTop SeaI-107 and DP-9800G hydraulic airless spraye

So which DP airless paint sprayers is great for this coating painting?

Our first recommendation is DP-9800G hydraulic airless paint sprayer with 243 spray tip.

DP-9800G Professional Hydraulic Airless Sprayer

DP-9800G Professional Hydraulic Airless Sprayer


What’s the advantages of DP-9800G machine?

  1. DP-9800G is hydraulic+gasoline-driven airless piston pump sprayer, powerful for high viscosity coatings painting, like SikaTop Seal-107.
  2. DP-9800G is DP Upgraded hydraulic machine with DIRECT TRANSMISSION, no need belt, higher transmission and high efficiency to work.
  3. Machine with 5.5kw HONDA engine
  4. 13L hydraulic oil tank, which will generate more volume and less over heating, that means less maintenance.

Except this Gas powered hydraulic pump sprayer, we recommend the electrical version DP-9800E also.

for this electric powered hydraulic paint sprayer pump, we offer single phase 220v and also 3 phase 380v both version.

we highly recommend the 380v 3 phase painting machine, because it’s more stable and more powerful.

DP-9800E Electric Hydraulic Driven Airless Paint Sprayer

And we offer one year warranty for all these industrial painting machines.

Welcome to order.

and welcome to visit our category for whole range of our hydraulic pump sprayers for topseal waterproofing coating.

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