Paint mixer, paint stirrer

Paint mixer, paint stirrer
The electric paint mixers have 1 speed / 2 speed two types, one mixer paddle or dual mixing shaft, high speed mixer for normal viscosity material, and low speed for high viscosity material like cement / putty / concrete / plaster / mud / grouting etc.
  • Brushless Cordless Paint Mixer 20V 4AH

    DP-M201B Brushless Cordless Mixer 20V/4AH


    DP-M201B Brushless Cordless Paint Mixer 20V/4AH or DP-M201A single speed cordless paint mixer both are cordless solution ideal for mixing drywall mud, plaster, and much more . The variable speed trigger allows the user to adjust the speed to 200-350rpm / 350-650rpm (dual speed) for optimum speed...

  •  heavy duty 1600w paint mixer tool

    1200w 1400w 1600w Electric Paint Mixers


    Technical Data for the Electric Paint Mixers: Model No. DP-M207A DP-M207B DP-M208A Motor power 1200W    single speed 1200W    dual speed 1400W    single speed Rated voltage/Frequency 230/110V    50/60HZ 230/110V    50/60HZ 230/110V    50/60HZ Speed I...

  • DP-M210B Electric Mixer with Double Paddle

    DP-M210B Powerful Double-paddle Electric Mixer 1800W


    DP-M210B powerful Double-paddle Electric paint mixer for paint / putty / plaster / cement mortar which makes lots of mixing jobs easily and quickly. The mixer machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous materials. You can generally count on being finished the projec...

  • DP-M109 electric paint agitator



    Technical data Of DP-M109 HAND CARRY PAINT MIXER TOOL : Model No.: DP-M109 Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz Power: 1050W No-load Speed: 0-550rpm Tool Fitting / Clamp Thread: M14 X 2 Protective Type/ Protective Class: Double insulation / II Mixing Paddle (Ø max.): 120mm Drill Capa...

  • DP-M106 Hand-held paint mixing stirrer



      Technical data Of DP-M106 HAND MIXER FOR SMALL VOLUME PAINT: Model No.: DP-M106 Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz Power: 850W No-load Speed: 0-500 rpm Tool Fitting / Clamp Thread: M14 X 2 Protective Type/ Protective Class: Double insulation / II Mixing paddle (Ø max.): 120m...

  • DP-M206 hand-held Portable Paint Mixer

    DP-M206 Hand-held Electric Paint Mixer tool

    Motor power: 1220W/1400W


    No load speed:0-800rpm Tool fitting/clamp thread:M14x2 Protective type:Double insulation Protective class:ClassⅡ Mixing paddle( ø Max):120mm/140mm Mixture volume:80L/120L. This is bestselling electric mixer with robust and multipurpose body that offers great performance and efficiency. ■Applies t...

  • DP-M218 cement mixer, plaster mixer, electric paint shaker

    DP-M218 Electric Cement Mixer With 2 Paddles

    Motor power: 1400W/1600W


    No load speed:0-480rpm;0-680rpm(1400W) No load speed:200-400rpm;250-680rpm(1600W) Protective type:Double insulation Protective class:ClassⅡ Mixing paddle(ø Max):120mm This is bestselling electric putty mixer / plaster cement mixer with robust and multipurpose body that offers great perf...