Double-diaphragm pump AODD

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Double-diaphragm pump AODD

AODD Double diaphragm pump is low pressure air pneumatic membrane pump / diaphragm pump for fluid transferring or paint spray.

The Double diaphragm pump is powered by air compressor, suck the fluid from the bucket to the spray gun or other application.

The AODD double diaphragm pumps are popular in Automotive / furniture / wood / cabinet / steel painting application, for both water-based and oil-based coatings. The size is different from 1/4", 3/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1/2", 1", to 2" 3". Bigger pump with more output volume.

  • DP-S Series 316 Stainless Steel Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


    DP-S Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for general pump transfer, recirculation, dispensing, spraying, filling, rough metering dewatering, low shearing transfer, and fuel evacuation. Dry-running models are portable and designed to be intrinsically safe. Pumps resist ove...

  • K11 Air double-membrane diaphragm pump

    DP-K11 (A11) Pneumatic double-membrane diaphragm pump


    K11 diaphragm pump is designed for production application environments. for a wide range of applications it delivers constant fluid output. Diaphragm movement is minimal, reducing material supply pulsation and minimizing pump wear. This pump unit may be used with air spray guns or HVLP spray g...

  • High Quality Air-Powered Double Membrane Pump


    AIR-POWERED DOUBLE MEMBRANE PUMP Model No. DP-A-10-1C DP-A-10N DP-A-10-1B DP-A-12W DP-A-12J Fluid Input Size 3/8 inch 3/8 inch 3/8 inch 3/8 inch 3/8 inch Max. Pressure 7bar 7bar 7bar 7bar 7bar Fluid Input size 3/8" NPT 3/8" NPT 3...

  • Fluid regulator, Flow/Air precision adjustment valve


    Model No. DP-JT DP-CT-5B DP-BYF Inlet Max. / / 2.1Mpa Outlet Max. 2.5Mpa 2.5Mpa 1.24Mpa Fluid Input size G1/4" NPT G1/4" NPT G3/8" NPT Fluid output size G1/4" NPT G1/4" NPT G3/8" NPT Max.flow rate 2L/MIN 3L/MIN / Pressure Ratio 1:1 ...

  • K18 A15 double membrane pump

    DP-K18 A15 Air pneumatic double-membrane pump


      This DP-K18 (A15) air operated double-membrane pump have a good performance. The diameter allowed to pass the max. grain reaches 1.5mm. Features of DP-K18/A15  Air pneumatic double-membrane pump: 1. New fluid transferring pump with high capacity, light weight and compact size. 2. ...

  • DP-K17 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun

    DP-K17 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun for Automotive Furniture Fine Finish Painting


      Features of DP-K17/A-13 Double Diaphragm Pump with W101 Spray Gun: 1.New fluid transferring pump with high capacity, light weight and compact size. 2. High quality PTFE membrane in large diameter, generate big volume output, and last longer lifetime without problem. 3. Air valv...

  • DP-K17 Air Pneumatic Double-Membrane Pump

    DP-K17 DPS90 Air Pneumatic Double-Membrane Pump


        Features of DP-K17/A-13 Air Pneumatic Double-Membrane Pump: 1. New fluid transferring pump with high capacity, light weight and compact size. 2. High quality PTFE membrane in large diameter, generate big volume output, and last longer lifetime without problem. 3. Air valve w...

  • K25 compressor powered pump fine finish spraying

    DP-K25 Double-membrane pump for fine finish spraying


        Features of DP-K25/A15-B Double-membrane pump for fine finish spraying:   1. New fluid transferring pump with high capacity, light weight and compact size. 2. High quality PTFE membrane in 118mm  large diameter, generate big volume output, and  last longer lifetime ...

  • K40 low pressure fluid transfer pump

    DP-K40 Low pressure double-membrane pump for fluid transfer


      This DP-K40 Low pressure double-membrane pump has two diaphragms, the compressed air come to the pump body to drive the pump in the constant action of sucking and releasing, so it can pump the fluid easily by the principle.   Features of DP-K40(A20) Low pressure double-membran...

  • fluid pressure regulator

    PR-5A Fluid Pressure Regulator for Double-Diaphragm Pumps


    These fluid Regulators are for 1:1 Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps, for precise pressure regulation. Used to control the fluid pressure coming from diaphragm pumps and other low pressure supply pumps. Helps to reduce and sometimes eliminate the wink in spray patterns when spray guns are connec...

  • DP-K56 double diaphragm pum

    DP-K56(A26) double diaphragm pump 56L/min big output capacity


      This portable double diaphragm pump is designed to operate at low air pressure and ideal for transferring a wide variety of fluids. Specifications of DP-K56/A26 double diaphragm pump: Coating interface size: 3/4inch Max. Air pressure range: 7bar Liquid in and out size: 3/4"NPT ...

  • DP-K180 double membrane pump

    DP-K180 big capacity membrane pump for fluid transfer


      Highlights of DP-K180/A-31 big capacity double membrane pump: Model No. K180(A-31) double-diaphragm pump Max air pressure range: 7bar Liquid inlet and outlet size: 1" NPT Air inlet and outlet size : 1/4" NPT Min starting pressure: 1.6bar Max deliver capacity: 180L/min Air consumpt...

  • SS series AODD Air-operated double diaphragm pumps (304 stainless steel pump)

    SS Series AODD Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps 304 Stainless Steel Pump


    Details of Stainless Steel AODD Air-operated double diaphragm pumps: Item: SS1-25 (1 inch Stainless steel pump ) Max. suction lift: dry 4m/ wet 8m (Suction height changes with the different combinations of ball, seat and the diaphragm materials.) Max. size pumpable solids: 4mm Suction and dis...

  • AL series AODD air operated diaphragm pump (Aluminum alloy pump)

    AL series AODD air operated diaphragm pump (Aluminum alloy pump)


    Details of AL series AODD air operated diaphragm pump (Aluminum alloy pump): Item: AL1-25 Max. suction lift: dry 4m/ wet 8m (Suction height changes with the different combinations of ball, seat and the diaphragm materials.) Max. size pumpable solids: 4mm Suction and discharge size: 1" /Npt /F...

what’s Double-diaphragm pump

What's double diaphragm pump? A air operated double diaphragm pump (also known as a Double-Membrane pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump or air-operated diaphragm pump) is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating action ...
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