Best selling airless paint sprayers in 2020

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Top best selling airless paint sprayers in 2020

below are the best selling airless paint sprayers in DP 2018, they cover the small DIY airless paint sprayer for home user / hobby user which use it for own house / roofing / wall / floor / window, cabinet, door painting, to the big airless paint sprayer with large capacity for large contractors which use it for big commercial building, industrial / factory / steel structure / big construction painting projects. welcome to contact us if you find any item interesting.
  • DP-6325L Airless Road Line Striper Painting Machine


      DP-6325L  Airless Road Striper Painting Machine is a medium output piston pump paint sprayer machine for medium size parking lots, school sports fields, streets, etc., line painting jobs, good for your continuous small to medium line striping requirements. Features of 6325L Airless Ro...

  • X-450 High Quality Airless Spray Gun With Light Weight and Soft trigger

    X-450 Airless Spray Gun with Light Weight and Soft Grip


    X-450 airless spray gun is upgraded model with high quality, very light weight (only 460g), and very soft grip spray gun, for spraying both water-based and oil-based coatings. Same quality as American or European spray gun. Features/Advantages of X450 airless spray gun  1.Applicable for sprayi...

  • DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with Gun & Hose

    DP-X6 Portable Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/min

    Motor power: 650W for DP-X6 Max. tip size: 0.017” for DP-X6
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.4L/min 0.36gpm for DP-X6


      TUV CE Certificate(EMC) for DP-X3 DP-X6 Paint Spray Machine DP-X6 Small Electric Airless Paint Sprayer provides spraying performance in a compact, portable design – making it perfect for light-duty projects such as decks, fences, and other painting projects. ideal for DIY / Hobby us...

  • electric airless sprayer equipment

    X24 X28 Electric Airless Sprayer similar to 495 595 for Contractors

    Motor power: 1500W / 1700W Max. tip size: 0.023" 0.025"
    Max.pressure: 210bar / 3045psi Flow rate: 2.4L/min 2.8L/min


    X24 X28 electric airless sprayer 2.4L/min 2.8L/min X24 and X28 electric airless sprayer are the ideal step-up for professionals who look for superior working performance and features in a small electric airless paint sprayer. X24(2.4L/min) and X28(2.8L/min) airless paint spra...

  • DP-LC880TD

    DP-LC880TD Two components Four guns Hydraulic Airless Line Striper with Reflective Bead Dispensing System


    DP-LC880TD Hydraulic Airless Two Component Line Striper machine is the high performance hydraulic striper you’ll want for your most demanding jobs. The proven innovative features has made it the striper of choice for contractors demanding a true workhorse. DP-LC880TD Hydraulic Airless Li...

  • X51L Electric airless spray painting machine

    X51L Electric Airless Spray Painting Machine

    Motor power: 3000W/2600W Max. tip size: 0.037"(X41L 0.033")
    Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi Flow rate: 5.1L/min/(X41L 4.0L/min)


                                                                                                    X51L Airless Spray Painting Machine with LOW POSITION SUCTION VALVE is equipped with 2500W powerful brushless motor and long piston rod,  and X51L Professional Brushless Airless Painting equipm...

  • DP-9800E Electric Hydraulic Driven Airless Paint Sprayer

    DP-9800E DP-9800G Hydraulic Driven Airless Paint Sprayer

    Motor power: 3.75KW Max. tip size: 0.041"
    Max.pressure: 220bar 3190psi Flow rate: 12L/min 3.2gpm


    DP-9800E / DP-9800G Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayer is UPGRADED hydraulic model with DIRECT TRANSMISSION, no need belt, higher transmission efficiency. The perfect choice for large areas and intensive usage. The most helpful machine for the professional contractor who is looking for workhors...

  • DP-S5 Cement mortar sprayer

    DP-S5 Cement plaster Mixing Pump Sprayer


    DP-S5 gypsum plaster mix pump sprayers are economical and practical design for plaster spraying. It is suitable for gypsum plaster, cement plaster, ground coat plasters and insulating plasters, rough coat and textured plasters, trowel plaster, adhesive bonded joint, masonry mortar, refractory...

  • Electric Random Orbital Sander

    DP-350B Electric Random Orbital Sander 5.0mm & 2.5mm Eccentricity

    Motor power: 350W


      DP-350B 5.0 and 2.5 electric power random orbital sanders are unique, lightweight and equipped with a compact design. This orbit sander is designed for small repairs, bumper sanding, headlight restoration, kitchen refurbishing and hard to reach areas.   Specifications of...

  • 700A Hand-held drywall sander with LED light

    DP-700A Hand-held Drywall Sander with Auto-vacuum System 800W

    Motor power: 800W


      DP-700A is light weight hand-held design drywall sanding tool with self-vacuum dustless type, high efficiency to work. Environmental friendly polishing machine with automatic vacuum system. Technical Data of DP-700A Hand-held Dustless Drywall Sander: Model No.: DP-700A Type: h...

  • dustless drywall sander DP3000F

    DP-3000 Telescopic Drywall Sander with Vacuum Self-suction System 800W

    Motor power: 800W


                               DP-3000F dust free drywall sander Foldable type     Technical Data of DP-3000F Long Handle Dustless Drywall Sander with vacuum: Model No.: DP-3000 series (DP-3000F means foldable handle, for save the packing size;  and DP-3000 i...

  • K301-pneumatic-airless sprayer 30:1/15:1/45:1

    DP-K301/151/451 Professional Pneumatic Airless Sprayer (30:1 15:1 45:1)

    Flow rate: 6L/min, 1.58gpm (12L/min, 3.17gpm) (4.5L/min, 1.19gpm)


    DP-K301/151/451 pneumatic airless sprayers are equipped with stainless steel fluid pump, all the web parts are made of stainless steel material. So this unit is suitable for all kinds of sealers, topcoats, primers and wiping stains, colorant, varnish, lacker, in medium to high viscosity.  Ideal ...

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