Spare parts for airless sprayers

Spare parts for airless sprayers
Airless sprayer spare parts like the piston rod, v-packing, cylinder, prime valve, pressure retulator, pressure sensor, suction valve, suction tube, pressure valve etc. for wall kinds of piston pump & diaphragm pump, cover differnt brands in the world paint sprayer market.
  • DP-637CZ Z Swivel Connector

    DP-637CZ Z Swivel Connector for Grease


    DP-637CZ Z Swivel Connector is for grease guns and it allows non-binding movement for hard-to-reach spots. Widely used for grease applications¬†and¬†is¬†designed to be utilized in a large variety of industries.   Technical Specifications: One end as Male and the other end ...

  • DP-637LT2¬† Dual Head Spray Tip Extension

    DP-637LT Extension pole for airless spray gun


            Specifications of¬†637LT Extension pole for airless spray gun: Extension pole for airless spray gun Ôľąaluminium material) DP-637LT2 Dual head extension with high efficiency and two times faster than singal head extension DP-637LT15¬†¬†15cm¬†extension¬†pole DP-637L...

  • long tube with swivel connector

    DP-637LS Extension pole with swivel safety guard


        Extend your reach and spray more efficiently. Extension attaches directly to your spray gun and reduces your need for ladders and scaffolding.   Specifications of¬†637LS Extension pole with swivel safety guard: DP-637LS15 15cm extension pole with swivel safet...

  • 248206 Pump displacement rod

    DP-6595PR Piston Rod for Many Models


    249119 ¬†Piston rod for¬†7900 249125 piston Rod fits several models 287832 ¬†Piston rod ¬∑ Pump¬†Rod ¬∑¬†Total¬†length:¬†6.125¬†inches ¬∑¬†Diameter:¬†0.624¬†inches  ...

  • 243176 pump cylinder

    DP-637PC Pump cylinder for Several models


    Cylinder W/Sleeve Fits: Several machines Pump Cylinder for several current and older model See Below for partial list of models. Total length: 4.1 inches Diameter: 1.485 inches 243176 Pump Cylinder w/Sleeve for several models  Total length: 4.1 inches. 248209 Two sizes...

  • DP-637HT Twin-hose for Air-mix Airless Painting

    DP-637HT Twin-hose for Air-mix Airless Painting


      Technical datas of Air Hose: Hose Lenth: 10m or 7.5m Connectors at both ends: 1/4‚ÄĚ Max. Pressure for Ai Hose: 20bar/290psi Hose material: nylon   Technical datas of high pressure Paint Hose: hose Length: 10m or 7.5m Connectors at both ends: 1/4‚ÄĚ Hose diameter: 3...

  • DP-K30PM Pump Manifold Assembly

    DP-K30PM High Quality Pump Manifold Filter Assembly


    High Quality pump filter Materials of K30PM High Quality Pump Manifold Filter Assembly: stainless steel (max.350bar pressure) or Aluminum pump filter (max. 50bar pressure) High precision CNC processing. With 1pc 3/8‚Ä̬†inlet connector and 2pcs 1/4‚Ä̬†outlet connector. Material ...

  • 15b611 Lower Intake Valve Housing

    DP-637LIV Lower Intake Valve Housing


    15c785 Lower Intake Valve Housing for  695/795...

  • transducer for pressure control

    DP-6490T Transducer / pressure sensor for pressure control


    244194 Transducer / pressure sensor¬†for pressure control on DP airless paint sprayers: DP-6318 / 6321(i) / 6325(i) / 6331i / 6333ib / 6335ib / 6490ib / 6495ib / 6495b / 6695b  ...

  • 15G196 Inlet cage for GH833

    DP-637IC Inlet Cage / Seat for many models / Stainless Steel


      287837 Inlet seat 198505 Inlet Cage for 7900 240918 Inlet Seat for 7900...

  • 239937 Piston valve

    DP-637PV Piston valve for sprayers / pumps



  • DP637SG swivel free airless fittings connector

    Connector for hose / spray gun / pump


    1. DP-637SG Swivel connector for gun   Specifications of¬†DP-637SG Swivel connector for gun: Size: 1/4" * 1/4", 3/8" * 3/8" etc. Thread in BSP, PT, NPSM and Metric size Available in female or male end. 2. DP-637SP/SPN Swivel free connector for extension pole swivel free connecto...

  • Diaphragm pump repair kits(Inlet valve+Outlet valve)

    DP-K500SV/DP-K500OV Suction Valve & Outlet Valve Stainless Steel / Tungsten Carbide


    Specifications for Diaphragm pump repair kits(Inlet valve+Outlet valve): 1. Material: stainless steel + tungsten carbide 2. Excellent quality, long lifetime and good price. 3. Can be used in all kinds of high temperature, corrosion etc. 4.The suction valve and pressure valve is suitable ...

  • long pole with safety guard

    DP-637LG Extension pole with safety guard


      The DP-637LG extension pole with safety guard is designed for easier spraying in hard to reach areas such as high walls and ceilings. Specifications of¬†DP-637LG Extension pole with safety guard: DP-637LG15 15cm extension pole with safety guard DP-637LG30 30cm extension pole with s...


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