DP-637G40 Air-assisted airless spray gun for fine finish

air-assisted airless spray gun for fine finish spraying

air-assisted airmix airless spray gun for fine finish spraying

DP-637G40 Air-assisted airmix airless spray gun designed for pneumatic airless paint sprayer. For professional use only. Fine finish gun with reversible airless tip. The air outlets are positioned at precise locations to provide an optimal finish.

Specifications of the Air-assisted airless spray gun:

Model: DP-637G40

Type of Feed: pressure

Standard Nozzle: 0.43mm(517)

Optional nozzle: 0.28mm-0.48mm

Operating presser: 1000-4000psi

Patten width: 250-310mm

Paint distance: 30cm

Paint inlet connection: 1/4-NPSM or 1/4-PT

Features of the Air-assisted airless spray gun:

Light-weight, compact design
Air adjustment valve conveniently located right at the gun.

Ergonomic design & easy trigger pivot reduce operator fatigue

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X-450 High Quality Airless Spray Gun With Light Weight and Soft triggerX-450 High Quality Airless Sprayer Gun



DP-K301/151/451 Professional Pneumatic Airless Sprayer (30:1 15:1 45:1)

Flow rate: 6L/min, 1.58gpm (12L/min, 3.17gpm) (4.5L/min, 1.19gpm)

DP-K301/151/451 pneumatic airless sprayers are equipped with stainless steel fluid pump, all the web parts are made of stainless steel material. So this unit is suitable for all kinds of sealers, topcoats, primers and wiping stains, colorant, varnish, lacker, in medium to high viscosity.  Ideal ..

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  1. Javier
    2017/07/04 at 04:53:02

    I would like to know price of the gun and it would be possible to buy to send to Spain.

  2. Christian Andrade
    2014/04/29 at 17:13:20

    I would like to receive more information on your DP-637G40 Air-assisted airless spray gun. With minor adaptations, I could use it in my own bi-component machines. Could you please provide the price?

    Kindest regards,

    Christian Andrade

  3. roberto
    2013/12/21 at 16:19:49

    good morning
    I would like to know the price?
    and if you can buy one to try out how it works, so ‘then to start business cooperation,
    It works like the G40? internally has a pneumatic piston that helps the paint, and then the trigger is lighter? as the G40? thanks

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