what’s hvlp turbine paint sprayer

What is HVLP turbine paint sprayer?

The HVLP turbine paint sprayer normally contains 3 components – turbine, hose, and spray gun, every component plays a critical role in the overall performance, that’s why turbine HVLP paint sprayers are sold as a complete system rather than individual components. “Turbine” refers to the motor/fan assembly. The motor drives small, high-speed compression fans. HVLP turbine sprayer systems traditionally are rated by the number of fans – called stages – attached to the motor shaft. Single stage turbines have single fan; two-stage turbines have double fans, etc. three-stage turbines have triple fans. The more stages, the higher the airflow and the higher the air pressure is at the spray gun spraying orifice. One and two-stage units are best for thin finishes. It’s more competitive price and more popular in the market. And A three-stage turbine  can handle most stains, varnishes and water-based finishes, although latex will have to be thinned.

Hot air turbine hvlp sprayer system  

How a Three-Stage HVLP Turbine Sprayer Works?
Air travels through the inlet into the first fan and then down the first finned baffle to the center of the second fan. The second fan then forces the air down into the second finned baffle, which directs the air to the center of the third fan where the air is finally forced out through the outlet

What’s advantage of HVLP spray gun?

HVLP spray guns have larger air passing ways than high-pressure guns to accommodate the higher volume of air moving through the gun under lower pressure. Unlike high-pressure guns that use a fan-pattern knob to adjust spray, the spray pattern of HVLP guns is adjusted by moving the air cap in and out. There are three patterns adjusted by the air cap: round, horizonal fan type and vertical fan pattern.

What material can HVLP turbine sprayer spray?

All HVLP turbine paint sprayer cups are pressurized by the air flowing into the gun, through the air tube fitting and the air pressure tube which enters the lid of the paint cup. This enables the fluid to be siphoned through the fluid pickup tube into the spray gun. HVLP paint sprayer can be used in a wide variety of painting applications. The finer atomization of HVLP systems produce smoother surface finishes. There are many paint gun models, with a variety of tip sizes to accommodate most coatings, including solvent-based paints, water based coatings, fine finish metallic coatings, high-solids polyurethane, contact adhesives, varnish, top coats, lacquer, enamel primer, latex primer, epoxy, and vinyl fluids. The manufacturers guidance should be followed in all maintenance and operating aspects, particularly when spraying high solids paints. Clogging problems can hamper painting operations if the technician is not familiar with the equipment or the application techniques required. The efficiency of this system is reduced if painting is in exposed areas.


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