XPRO-731 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer 73:1

  • Model Number: XPRO-731
  • Machine Power: Pneumatic Powered
  • Motor type: Air-driven Motor
  • Pressure controlling: Mchanical Regulator
  • Flow rate: max.27L/min
  • Max.pressure: 510bar
  • Net weight: 100kgs
  • Package: Polywood Case
  • Pressure ratio: 73:1
  • Stroke: 120
  • Air pressure: 3-7bar

XPRO-731 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer is professional high-pressure air-operated airless pump that are efficient for handling fluids such as epoxy primers, water proof coatings, epoxy mostics, fire proof cooling, fire proof coatings, higher volume solid & high viscosity coatings.

Technical Data of XPRO-731 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer 73-1 For Heavy Duty

Pressure Ratio: 73:1

Max. Delivery: 27L/min

Operating Air Pressure: 3-7bar

Max. Pressure: 510bar

Pump Dimension: 75*80*120cm

Pump Weight: 100kgs

Noise Level: 70-80dB

Air Motor Stroke: 120mm

Features and Advantages of XPRO-731 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer 73-1 For Heavy Duty

1.High pressue, low pulsation, minimum freezing effect.                                                                                                           2.Patents Owned: subsidize air tank system, anti freezing system,                                                                                       checkmate displacement pump, intake housing.

3.Superior performance with the highest viscosity coatings.
4.Long-life air motor keeps maintenance costs low.
5.Designed for handling variety of coatings with powerful spray & with stands the toughest working conditions.
6.Rust proof Stainless Steel hydraulic circuits.
7.Positive displacement, piston pump design Provides Uniform, easily controlled delivery.
8.High Flow rate Light & easy to handle, Long life high quality precision parts.
9.Higher pressure ratio for higher flows, l and better atomization.
10.More durable with longer life. Mechanical air motor provides higher efficiency even with lower air inlet pressure.
11.Properly designed filters reduces pressure drop & improves flow.

Applications  of XPRO-731 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer 73-1 For Heavy Duty

• Fire retardant Coatings.
• Marine and shipyard
• Internal & External Pipe coatings.
• High solids epoxy primers and coatings
• Shipping container manufacturing
• Railcar manufacturing and repair
• Off-shore oil platform production
• Railcars and other transport vehicles
• Bridge maintenance and new construction
• Nuclear and conventional power facilities
• Structural steel and corrosion protection