DP-RPD20/DP-RDP200 Ram Pump/Sealant Dispensing Pump


DP-RPD20 Ram Pump 20L

DP-RPD20 Ram Pump 20L


DP-RPD200 Ram Pump 200L

DP-RPD200 Ram Pump 200L

DP-RDP20/DP-RDP200 Sealant Dispensing Pump/Ram Pump

is specially designed for Sealant Dispensing job,

with superior performance, ideal choice for professional contractors.


Model DP-RPD20 DP-RPD200
Tank Volume 20L 200L
Pressure Ratio 55:1 55:1
Max. Delivery 10L/min 10L/min
Operating Air Pressure 3~6.5bar 3~6.5bar
Air Motor Diameter 254mm 254mm
Air Motor Stroke 120mm 120mm
Pump Diameter 110×75 ×140 cm 110×75 ×140 cm
Pump Weight 140kgs 249kgs

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