XTR-681/XTR-561/XTR-451 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayers

  • Model Number: XTR-681/XTR-561/XTR-451
  • Machine Power: Air-Driven
  • Motor type: Air Motor
  • Pressure controlling: Mechanical Pressure Control
  • Flow rate: 9L/min 11L/min 12.54L/min
  • Max.pressure: 476bar 392bar 315bar
  • Air pressure: 3-7bar
  • Worn parts: Repair Kit for Air Motor,Repair Kit for Fluid Pump
  • Stroke: 120mm
XTR-681 XTR-561 XTR-451 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayers

XTR-681 XTR-561 XTR-451 Pneumatic Airless Sprayers

XTR series high-pressure air-operated airless sprayers

XTR-681 / XTR-561 / XTR-451 paint sprayer provide long-lasting durability and specially designed for spraying heavy protective coatings.

These airless pumps easily handles the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials, including epoxy primers, water proof coatings, epoxy mostics, fire proof cooling, fire proof coatings, higher volume solid & high viscosity coatings.

Specification of pneumatic Airless paint sprayers:

Model No. XTR-681 XTR-561 XTR-451
Pressure Ratio 68:  1 56: 1 45:1
Delivery/Cycle 180cc 220c 250cc
Cycle/Min 50 50 50
Max. Flow Rate 9L/ min 11L/ min 12.54L/min
Operating Air Pressure 3~7 Kgf / ㎠ 3~7 Kgf / ㎠ 3~7 Kgf / ㎠
Max. Discharge Pressure 476 bar 392 bar 315bar
Pump Dimension 68×72×120cm 68×72×112cm 68×72×112cm
Pump Weight 85kg 85kg 85kg
Noise Level 70~80 db 90~105 db 90~105 db
Air Motor Stroke 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm


Applications of pneumatic airless paint sprayers:

• Fire retardant Coatings.
• Marine and shipyard
• Internal & External Pipe coatings.
• High solids epoxy primers and coatings
• Shipping container manufacturing
• Railcar manufacturing and repair
• Off-shore oil platform production
• Railcars and other transport vehicles
• Bridge maintenance and new construction
• Nuclear and conventional power facilities
• Structural steel and corrosion protection

Features and advantages of pneumatic Airless paint sprayers:

• The air assisted airless paint equipment has superior performance with the highest viscosity coatings.
• Long-life air motor keeps maintenance costs low.
•Designed for handling variety of coatings with powerful spray & with stands the toughest working conditions.
•Rust proof Stainless Steel hydraulic circuits.
•Positive displacement, piston pump design Provides Uniform, easily controlled delivery.
•High Flow rate Light & easy to handle, Long life high quality precision parts.
•Higher pressure ratio for higher flows, l and better atomization.
•More durable with longer life. Mechanical air motor provides higher efficiency even with lower air inlet pressure.
•The pneumatic airless spray pump use properly designed filters reduces pressure drop & improves flow.



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