DP-2821 DP-2831 Two Components Airless Painting Machine (Fix Ratio)

DP-2821 1:2 two components paint sprayer with 3suction tubes
DP-2831 1:3 dual components paint sprayer system

DP-2821 and DP-2831 are new designed pneumatic airless paint sprayer for dual component painting, 1:2 or 1:3 fix mixing ratio.

Technical Data:

Model No.DP-2821DP-2831
Mixing ratio1:21:3
Pressure ratio50:140:1
Air motor dia.280mm280mm
Max. pressure300bar240bar
Each pump capacity5L/min5L/min
Suction tube3pcs4pcs
Prime tube3pcs4pcs
Standard parts includedhose: 10M
suction tube: 3pcs
prime tube: 3pcs
spray gun: 1pc (Internal mix type)
hose: 10M
suction tube: 3pcs
prime tube: 3pcs
spray gun: 1pc (Internal mix type)

Separate suction tube ensure an exact ratio.
High operating pressures are suitable for low to high viscosity paints materials painting.
low-noise air motor
It reduces paint consumption and waste
Economical and easy to operate
Easy assembly provides for quicker maintenance
Equal output and pressure for upward and downward strokes ensures constant material flow rate
Reduced maintenance costs

DP-2821 1:1 pump
DP-2831 1:3 two components machine
DP-2831 1:3 Plural Components Spray equipment

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