DP-2821 DP-2831 Two Components Airless Painting Machine (Fix Ratio)

DP-2821 1:2 two components paint sprayer with 3suction tubes
DP-2831 1:3 plural components paint sprayer system

DP-2821 and DP-2831 are new designed pneumatic airless paint sprayer for dual component painting, 1:2 or 1:3 fix mixing ratio.

Technical Data:

Model No. DP-2821 DP-2831
Mixing ratio 1:2 triple components coating 1:3 plural components coating
Pressure ratio 50:1 40:1
Air motor dia. 280mm 280mm
Max. pressure 300bar 240bar
Each pump capacity 5L/min 5L/min
Suction tube 3pcs 4pcs
Prime tube 3pcs 4pcs
Standard parts included hose: 10M
suction tube: 3pcs
prime tube: 3pcs
spray gun: 1pc (Internal mix type)
hose: 10M
suction tube: 3pcs
prime tube: 3pcs
spray gun: 1pc (Internal mix type)

Separate suction tube ensure an exact ratio.
High operating pressures are suitable for low to high viscosity paints materials painting.
low-noise air motor
It reduces paint consumption and waste
Economical and easy to operate
Easy assembly provides for quicker maintenance
This 3 components / 4 components painting equipment has equal output and pressure for upward and downward strokes ensures constant material flow rate
The air pneumatic powered painting equipent could reduce your maintenance costs.

DP-2821 1:1 pump
DP-2821 50:1 pneumatic airless sprayer, 1:2 two components
DP-2831 1:3 two components machine
DP-2831 1:3 Plural Components Spray equipment



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