DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer

FA50 polyurethane sprayer two components

DP-FA50 Polyurethane Sprayer


This DP-FA50 foam insulation sprayer is totally air pneumatic compressor powered, used digital control and easy to use and learn system controls.

Applications Of DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer :

Polyurehtane foam, 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam insulate packing, PU foam filling jobs, tank and pip coating, roof insulation. specially designed for  A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol   two components mixing and spraying.

Feature Of DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer:

1. Air auto-cleaning spray system, easy for use and easy cleeaning

2. Foam sprayer system equipped with cart and big wheel, for easy moving

3. Stainless steel fluid transfer pump wet parts for corrosion-resistant, with good quality PTFE v-packing included for less maintenance .

4.  10.5kw heater for fast heating and higher temperature.

5. Easy reading control board for easy operating and working.

7. Transfer pump ratio 8:3

8. Contents included in the package:

* Foam sprayer x 1

* Foam injecting / spraying 2 in 1 gun x 1

* TP3 Transfer pump x 2

* Heating hose x 15m

* Whip hose x 1.5m

* Repairing tools x 1set


Model No. DP-FA50
Mixing volumetric ratio 1:1 or 2:1
Max. pressure 200bar / 2900psi
Max. Hose length 90m
Max. Output volume 9.5kgs(21 lbs/min)
Compressor output ≥ 1000 L/min
Compressor pressure 10kgs (145psi)
Heater power(watt) 10500w (1kw*6 heater + heating hose 3.5kw + 1kw for control system)
Heating temperature 0-80 C degree
Measurement 91x91x135cm
Weight 210kgs
Voltage / Power 380V/50HZ,10500W/28A220V 50/60Hz available also
Heated hose+whip hose 15M + 1.5M

front view of FA50 foaming spray machine

control board for the FA50 polyurethane spraying machine








Click for large photo









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  1. fabio
    2018/08/13 at 08:16:58

    estoy interesado en maquina para poliuretano

  2. Дмитрий
    2015/06/15 at 15:34:06

    Hi, I’m from Russia. Please let me know the price of DP-FA50. I plan to purchase in bulk. Thanking you in advance.

  3. Yevgeniy
    2015/01/28 at 11:46:53

    Hello. Im interested in purchasing dp-fa50 machines. What will be the price for 5 units? Im located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, will you be able to deliver?

  4. abbas
    2014/04/08 at 10:41:07

    hello, how mouch DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam Insulation Sprayer?

  5. Bogdan
    2014/02/26 at 15:03:53

    Hello,who price this machine. Thanks.

  6. Daniyar
    2013/09/27 at 05:06:45

    My name is Daniyar Akylbaev. I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    I bought the DP-FA50 last year in Russia.

    Please, send me electrical scheme and instructions for use temp.controllers.
    Thanks and regards.

  7. Chibanov Ivan
    2013/02/06 at 08:33:29

    Bonjour. Je suis Chibanov ****. Je vuodrais une prise list pour les mashines pu mousse poliuretan. indentifiant Chibanov .Siren 442 746 301. Adresse********* Strasbourg (0)9********.ou port.+33(0)6********.mail shi******* Mersi de votre reponse

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