DP-FA40 Polyurethane foam spraying machines

FA40 polyurethane PU foam sprayer

1:1 air-driven polyurethane PU foam sprayer

This DP-FA40 polyurethane foam sprayer can be adjusted the proportion of polyurethane A and B in the range of 1:1.

Application of the polyurethane foam sprayer:

Polyurethane foam  (A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol ) , 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam insulate packing, PU foam filling jobs, Tank and pipe coating, Roof insulation.

Feature of the FA40 pu polyurethane foam spray machine:

1. Air auto-cleaning spray system, easy for use and easy cleeaning

2. Foam sprayer system equipped with cart and big wheel, for easy moving

3. Stainless steel fluid transfer pump wet parts for corrosion-resistant, with good quality PTFE v-packing included for less maintenance .

4.  The FA40 polyurethane foam sprayer use 9kw heater for fast heating and higher temperature.

5. Easy reading control board for easy operating and working.

7. Transfer pump ratio 3:1

8. Contents included in the package:

* Polyurethane Foam sprayer x 1

* Foam injecting / spraying 2 in 1 gun x 1

* TP2 Transfer pump  x 2

* Heating hose x 15m

* Whip hose x 1.5m

* Repairing tools x 1set


Model No. DP-FA40
Mixing volumetric ratio 1:1
Max. pressure 200bar / 2900psi
Max. Hose length 90m
Max. Output volume 9kgs (20 lbs/min)
Compressor output ≥ 1000 L/min
Compressor pressure 7-9bar (100-130psi)
Heater power(watt) 9000w
Heating temperature 0-80 C degree
Measurement 65*60*130cm
Weight 125kgs
Voltage / Power 380V/50HZ,9000W/24A
Heated hose+whip hose 15M + 1.5M

Language in: Dutch French German Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) Finnish Danish Romanian

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  1. Omar Awwad
    2016/07/02 at 10:22:03

    Hi all,

    may I ask about the price for this Foam Sprayer ?


  2. Meelis Paatsi
    2015/09/24 at 13:15:45

    What is the price for DP-FA40 plural component reactor,hose and spraygun?

  3. Dmitri
    2015/02/19 at 08:44:41

    Please send me prices for foam and polyurea reactors

  4. kieran
    2014/07/21 at 20:51:19


    I have a customer enquiring about one of these items, they are looking at spraying foam insulation and need equipment to do so. Mainly homes/walls/floors/ceilings etc
    If you could please email me with some options and prices that would be great. If price is good and customer is happy I may look at stocking items in Australia

    Kind Regards,

    Kieran Biber

  5. marc
    2014/02/20 at 03:55:26

    I am from England and I am interested in the ‘DP-FA40 Polyurethane Foam Spraying Machines’. could you please tell me how much this will cost and how much a tin of the foam would cost. also could you tell me the delivery charges. Thank you

  6. Lee
    2013/06/12 at 08:22:27

    Could you please give a price for this equipment and shipping to the UK?

  7. Marat
    2013/06/10 at 08:06:15

    We need two componenet polyurethane spaying machine for air filters.
    Send us your offer.

  8. Jonathan
    2013/04/10 at 22:53:49

    Could you please tell me the pricing for this equipment and also the price for shipment.

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