Paint Sprayer Products

DP AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYERS have wide range of paint spraying equipments, from piston pump to diaphragm pump.

The DP AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER are powered by electrical motor (brush & brushless motor, induction motor, universal motor), petrol engine, and hydraulic motor etc. are widely used for all kinds of paint (water based & oil based) / coating / epoxy / polyurethane / floor paint / latex / enamel etc.



    DP-800D DRYWALL SANDER WITH DUST COLLECTION DP-800D Drywall sander designed for wall sanding,providing the superior surface finish,with 2m static-dissipating vacuum hose to remove potentially harmful dust. Model NO: DP-800D Voltage:110-127V/220V-240V/50Hz/60Hz Motor power...

  • X980 X990 Professional Electric Diaphragm Pump Airless Paint Sprayer

    Motor power: 2000W 1500W Max. tip size: 0.025" 0.023"
    Max.pressure: 220bar/3190psi Flow rate: 4.0L/min 3.6L/min


    X990 Electric Diaphragm Pump 4.0L/min professional X980 Airless Paint Sprayer Electric 3.6L/min X980 X990 are two professional electric airless sprayer diaphragm pumps for professional contractors with big output delivery 3.6L/min and 4.0L/min, the low-maintenance diaphragm pumps. Designe...

  • DP-TP3900L Two-components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine with glass bead dispenser

    DP-TP3900L Two-components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine with glass bead dispenser

    Motor power: 6.5HP Max. tip size: 0.039”(one gun), 0.031”(two guns)
    Max.pressure: 227bar/3300psi/22.7Mpa Flow rate: 15L/min 4gpm


    DP-TP3900L Two-components Roadline Painting Machine with glass bead dispenser, hydraulic driven type with 6.5HP Honda petrol engine, is specially designed for heavy duty roadline striping projects. Applicable for spraying all kinds of water-based, oil-based, two-components roadline marking c...

  • DP-LC860 Hydraulic powered piston linemarker

    DP-LC860 Hydraulic Powered Piston pump Linemarker, line painting machine

    Max.pressure: 228bar / 3306psi Flow rate: 12L/min


    [doptg id="56"] DP-LC860 Line Coat Airless Road Line Marker is indirectly driven by hydraulic. The piston here makes a considerably longer stroke than with other directly driven pumps. Bigger power combined with the large cross section of the suction system provides higher suction power...

  • X20 Electric Piston Pump Paint Sprayer 2.0L/min similar to 395 sprayer

    Motor power: 1100w Max. tip size: 0.021"
    Max.pressure: 200bar 3000psi Flow rate: 2.0L/min


    X20 electric piston pump airless sprayer 2.0L/min X20 2.0L/min airless sprayer machine is designed for professional painters who spray daily with a wide range of coatings. This is an entry level professional paint sprayer machine, because it use the PMDC motor and also mechanical pressure regul...

  • DP-501 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner 30L

    Motor power: 1600W


    DP-501 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner 30L DP-501 is 30L vacuum cleaner designed for both electric drywall sander and air/pneumatic sander using. Technical Data: Model No.DP-501 Dust ExtractorVoltage230-240VInput power1600W (max. 2000W for socket)Tank capacity30LTanks materialPPVacuum >18K...

  • T5 putt plaster sprayer

    DP-T5 Wall Putty Plaster Paint Sprayer with Screw Pump 15L/min

    Motor power: 2.2KW 2200W
    Max.pressure: 20bar Flow rate: 15L/min


    DP-T5 putt plaster sprayer 15L/min DP-T5 NEW designed screw pump is for spraying putty, plaster and other filler materials with a particle size up to 3mm. Technical Data: Item No.DP-T5Voltage/frequency220V 50HzMotor power2200WMax. Output delivery15L/minHopper capacity40LMax. Grain size3mm...

  • DP-CH200A Air Stucco sprayer, Mortar sprayer, Plaster sprayer, Cement sprayer, hopper gun


    CH200A Air Stucco sprayer CH200A Cement Hopper Sprayer DP-CH200A Stucco Spray Hopper Gun can be used for plastering a stucco house, traditional plastering of stucco’s such as one coat or three coat stucco or GFRC. The range is from 1/8″ heavy texture to 1″ thick structural layers. It als...

  • DP-637LT2  Dual Head Spray Tip Extension

    DP-637LT Extension pole for airless spray gun


            Specifications of 637LT Extension pole for airless spray gun: Extension pole for airless spray gun (aluminium material) DP-637LT2 Dual head extension with high efficiency and two times faster than singal head extension DP-637LT15  15cm extension pole DP-637LT30  30cm extension pole DP-637...

  • X80L Electric Airless Texture Sprayer HD

    X80 X80L Electric Airless Texture Sprayer, Putty Sprayer


    X80L Electric Airless Texture Sprayer HD X80L Electric Airless Paint Sprayer HD X80 X80L Electric Airless Sprayer is the most powerful and productive electric putty sprayer / texture sprayer, the perfect choice for professional contractors who take advantage of the 220-240V power available at...

  • DP-980L Airless Line Striper Membrane Pump

    DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine with Diaphragm Pump


    DP-980L Airless Line Striper Membrane Pump DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine Diaphragm Pump High Quality X450 Airless Spray Gun for DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine DP-980L Road Line Marking Machine with Diaphragm Pump is entry level Gasoline engine powered line striper, ideal for li...

  • X980IB Electric Airless Diaphragm Pump with PLC control board

    Motor power: 2000W Max. tip size: 0.025"
    Max.pressure: 220bar/3190psi Flow rate: 4.0L/min


    X980iB electric diaphragm pump 4.0L/min X980iB electric diaphragm pump airless paint sprayer is PLC control board controlled sprayer, designed for every projects, perfect painting performance for indoor and outdoor application, for professional contractors. It could be used for Enamels, prim...

  • DP-N770 Plaster Sprayer/Water-proofing Coating Sprayer

    DP-N770 Plaster Sprayer/Water-proofing Fireproofing Coating Sprayer


    DP-N770 Plaster Sprayer/Water-proofing Coating Sprayer DP-N770 Plaster Sprayer/Water-proofing Coating Sprayer / Fireproofing spraying machine is a multi-purpose sprayer with drill type screw pump for spraying various plaster/mortar/water-proofing/Fireproofing Coating,etc. with max. grain size up...

  • X80GL Gas powered Airless Sprayer similar to 7900

    Motor power: 8.5HP Max. tip size: 0.047"
    Max.pressure: 227bar / 3300psi Flow rate: 8.0L/min


    X80GL contractor gas powered airless paint sprayer 8.0L/min X80GL gas powered airless paint sprayer is the most powerful and DP's largest gasoline piston pump machine for professional contractors for large projects / commercial / new residential construction projects painting. Max. 8.0L/min ...

  • DP-TP4 Two Components Stainless Steel Pump Sprayer with Flush Pump


    TP4 Two Components Pneumatic Pump TP4 Two Components Stainless Steel Pump TP4 Two Components Spray Machine TP4 Two Components Pump with DP-231 Flush Pump Model Number: DP-TP4Motor power: Pneumatic poweredPressure ratio: 30:1  Flush pump: 1:1Pressure controlling:...

  • dp-tx450-texture-sprayer

    DP-TX450 Texture / Plaster Sprayer with Peristaltic pump


    DP-TX450 is specially designed Peristaltic Pump for spraying texture, and also for all textured plasters, cement plaster, putty, gypsum etc with a grain size up to 3 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives, etc. Specifications of TX450 texture spray machine: Electricity / Power: 220v 50hz / 60hz Motor: 1.8...

  • Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump, For Putty Plaster Spraying

    DP-T3 Texture Paint Sprayer With Screw Pump


    The DP-T3 Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump is a new, compact texture spraying unit equipped with Stainless steel hopper, for all textured plasters, cement plaster, putty, gypsum etc with a grain size up to 3 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives. Specifications of Texture Paint Sprayer With Screw Pump...

  •  heavy duty 1600w paint mixer tool

    DP-M207A/B DP-M208A/B DP-M209A/B DP-M210B Electric Paint Mixers


    Technical Data for the Electric Paint Mixers: Model No. DP-M207A DP-M207B DP-M208A Motor power 1200W    single speed 1200W    dual speed 1400W    single speed Rated voltage/Frequency 230/110V    50/60HZ 230/110V    50/60HZ 230/110V    50/60HZ Speed I 350-700rpm/min 220-450rpm/m...

  • 700A Hand-held drywall sander with LED light

    DP-700A Hand-held Drywall Sander with Auto-vacuum System 800W

    Motor power: 800W


    [doptg id="60"] DP-700A is light weight hand-held design dry wall sanding tool, high efficiency to work. Environmental friendly polishing machine with automatic vacuum system. Technical Data of DP-700A Hand-held Drywall Sander: Model No.: DP-700A Type: hand-held Motor power: 800W Voltage/fre...

  • 3000F2 Electric Drywall Sander with 800W Self-suction

    DP-3000 Telescopic Drywall Sander with Self-suction System 800W

    Motor power: 800W


                               DP-3000F dust free drywall sander Foldable type     Technical Data of DP-3000 Long Handle Dustless Drywall Sander: Model No.: DP-3000 series Motor power: 800W Voltage/frequency: 110-127V 220-240V / 50HZ or 60HZ No load speed: 800-1700rpm Sanding pad diameter: 225mm/9inc...

  • X-450 High Quality Airless Spray Gun With Light Weight and Soft trigger

    X-450 Upgraded Airless Spray Gun with Light Weight and Soft Grip


    X-450 airless spray gun is upgraded model with high quality, very light weight (only 460g), and very soft grip spray gun, for spraying both water-based and oil-based coatings. Same quality as American or European spray gun. Features/Advantages of X450 airless spray gun  1.Applicable for spraying b...

  • DP-1000F Dustless Drywall sander

    DP-1000F Foldable electric drywall sander with best price


    DP-1000F1 DP-1000F2 are DP new design good quality and best price drywall vacuum sander, it allows you to smooth and shape drywall and prepare it for any upcoming projects. Drywall needs to be smoothed out before paint can be applied, for example, removing rust, old paint, mudding compound et...

  • X52L Electric Airless Paint Sprayer with 2.4KW Brushless motor for heavy coating

    Motor power: 2400W Max. tip size: 0.035"
    Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi Flow rate: 5.2L/min


    X52L Airless paint sprayer with low piston rod X52 Electric paint sprayer with short piston rod Low position suction valve more powerful X52L Professional Bruless Airless Paint Sprayer with lOW POSTION SUCTION VALVE is equipped with 2400W powerful brushless motor and long piston rod, si...

  • DP-7000V Heavy-duty Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Diaphragm Pump 7.0L/min

    Motor power: 3.0-3.2KW/3000-3200W Max. tip size: 0.042"
    Max.pressure: 25Mpa / 250bar / 3625p Flow rate: 7.0L/min, 1.85gpm


    DP-7000V professional electric diaphragm pump with 20L hopper DP-7000V Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Diaphragm Pump DP-7000V professional airless diaphragm pump is the new design machine based on DP-7000 diaphragm pump. It’s powerful diaphragm pump with 7.0L/min big output capacity ...

  • DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/min

    DP-X3 DP-X6 Portable Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.0L/min 1.4L/min

    Motor power: 550W for DP-X3, 650W for DP-X6 Max. tip size: 0.017" for DP-X3, 0.019” for DP-X6
    Max.pressure: 200bar/2900psi/20Mpa Flow rate: 1.0L/min 0.26gpm for DP-X3, 1.4L/min 0.36gpm for DP-X6


      DP-X3 & DP-X6 Small Electric Airless Paint Sprayer provides spraying performance in a compact, portable design – making it perfect for light-duty projects such as decks, fences, and other painting projects. ideal for DIY / Hobby user and also small contractor. DP-X3 & ...

  • DP-680 High pressure airless spray gun 500bar

    DP-680/690 High Pressure Airless Paint Spray Gun


    DP-680/690 High pressure airless paint spray gun  Forged aluminum+quench/hardening process body improved long stainless steel valve seat for long lifetime for pneumatic driven airless pump Max.pressure:500bar/7250psi Inlet thread:1/4NPSM,1/4PT, Outlet thread:7/8,11/16 4-finger trigger B...

  • DP-7000 professional airless sprayer diaphragm pump

    DP-7000 Professional Airless Diaphragm Pump SF7000 type

    Motor power: 3.0-3.2kw/3000-3200w, 2.2-2.4kw/2200-2400kw Max. tip size: 0.035" / 0.031"
    Max.pressure: 25Mpa / 250bar / 3625psi Flow rate: 7.0L/min, 1.85gpm (6.0L/min, 1.59gpm)


    DP-7000/DP-6000 professional airless diaphragm pump is powerful diaphragm pump for big sizes projects painting, high efficiency. It's SF 7000 type heavy-duty diaphragm pump, same quality, pretty working performance. High suction power can be used for low to high viscosity materials painti...

  • DP-X6 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 1.4L/min

    DP-TS200 2-stage 3-stage Turbine paint sprayer hvlp


    The high performance turbine HVLP Finishing System is a robust and quality driven sprayer which sprays most finish coatings: lacquers, clear coats, varnishes, enamels, water-borne coatings, stains, and oil-based paints with hot air, Ideal for professional fine finish on furniture, automotive, cab...

  • X45 Electric Piston Pump Paint Sprayer 4.5L/min similar to 795 sprayer

    Motor power: 2000W Max. tip size: 0.033"
    Max.pressure: 210bar/3045psi Flow rate: 4.5L/min


    X45 Airless Paint Sprayer 4.5L/min X4.5 4.5L/min airless sprayer machine is ideal for the professional residential remodeling and repainting contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings. With 2000W Brushless motor great for normal paint, including latex, primers, stains, lacquers, enamels e...

  • X24 X28 electric airless sprayer

    X24 X28 Electric Airless Sprayer similar to 495 595 for Contractors

    Motor power: 1500W / 1700W Max. tip size: 0.023" 0.025"
    Max.pressure: 210bar / 3045psi Flow rate: 2.4L/min 2.8L/min


    X24 X28 electric airless sprayer 2.4L/min 2.8L/min X24 and X28 electric airless sprayer are the ideal step-up for professionals who look for superior working performance and features in a small electric airless paint sprayer. X24(2.4L/min) and X28(2.8L/min) airless paint sprayers are the g...

  • DP-6402 Paint Tank with Spray Gun Combo Kit

    DP-6402 Paint Tank 10L and spray gun hose kit


    DP-6402 Paint Tank with Spray Gun Combo Kit Technical data for DP6402 paint tank: Model: DP-6402 paint tank Tank Volume: 10L (8L / 15L are also available) Tip Size: 2mm With 2pcs 6.5*10mm PU hoses(3m) and spray gun combo kit.. Quantity Per Outer Carton: 2pcs Carton Size: 60X30X42cm N.W.: 19....

  • DP–T10SS Stainless Steel Paint Tank 10 Liter


    DP-T10SS stainless steel paint tank Tank capacity: 10 L Material: stainless steel 304 (bothe the lid and the tank body are in 304 stainless steel) Inlet & Outlet size: 1/4″ Equipped with safety valve to ensure the tank is always under the safe pressure. stainless steel pressure tank could be us...

  • DP-M109 electric paint agitator



    Technical data Of DP-M109 HAND CARRY PAINT MIXER TOOL : Model No.: DP-M109 Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz Power: 1050W No-load Speed: 0-550rpm Tool Fitting / Clamp Thread: M14 X 2 Protective Type/ Protective Class: Double insulation / II Mixing Paddle (Ø max.): 120mm Drill Capacity: 13mm Featu...

  • DP-M206 hand-held Portable Paint Mixer

    DP-M206 Hand-held Electric Paint Mixer tool

    Motor power: 1220W/1400W


    No load speed:0-800rpm Tool fitting/clamp thread:M14x2 Protective type:Double insulation Protective class:ClassⅡ Mixing paddle( ø Max):120mm/140mm Mixture volume:80L/120L. This is bestselling electric mixer with robust and multipurpose body that offers great performance and efficiency. ■Applies t...

  • DP-PFP20 Plural-Components sprayer

    Max.pressure: 271Kgf/cm2 Flow rate: 18L/min


    Application of Passive fire protection(PFP) Intumescent epoxy resin with Composite fibre reinforcement mesh using PFP Solvent free application equipment. PFP coatings make structures more resistant to fire by insulating structural steel from high temperatures and as a result, buy time for the e...

  • DP-750 Multifunctional Dust Absorption

    DP-750 Multifunctional Dust Absorption


    DP-750 Multifunctional Dust Absorption DP-750 dust absorption is designed to work with drywall sander for dust collection to instead of vacuum cleaner. Features: Dust-collector 2 in 1 function. Big capacity dust bag 70L, it's available to collect a lot of dust, not like the small bags needs...

  • XTR-681 XTR-561 XTR-451 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayers

    XTR-681/XTR-561/XTR-451 Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayers

    Max.pressure: 476bar 392bar 315bar Flow rate: 9L/min 11L/min 12.54L/min


    XTR series high-pressure air-operated airless sprayers XTR-681 / XTR-561 / XTR-451 provide long-lasting durability and specially designed for spraying heavy protective coatings. These airless pumps easily handles the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials, including epoxy pr...

  • DP-SB500 Professional Portable Sandblaster

    DP-SB500 Professional Portable Sandblaster 50/100/200L


    Applications: DP-SB500 Portable Sandblaster series can meet different requirements of customers and is widely applicable for sandblasting and cleaning big-sized work piece, like steel structure, ship building, steel plate, boiler, container, etc, also applicable for sandblasting treatment of ...

  • DP-2821 DP-2831 Two Components Airless Painting Machine (Fix Ratio)


    DP-2821 1:2 two components paint sprayer with 3suction tubes DP-2831 1:3 dual components paint sprayer system DP-2821 and DP-2831 are new designed pneumatic airless paint sprayer for dual component painting, 1:2 or 1:3 fix mixing ratio. Technical Data: Model No.DP-2821DP-2831Mixing ra...

  • DP-6335L Roadline Marking Machine with Piston Pump,Airless line striper

    DP-6335L Contractor airless line striper line painting machine


      DP-6335L airless liner striper / roadline painting machine is a higher output (attached with 2 spray guns) and longer sustained use design, good for your continuous heavy-duty line striping requirements. It's similar to PowerLiner 2850. Features of 6335L Contractor airless line stripe...

  • foldable drywall sander tool

    DP-2000F2 DP-2000F3 Electric Drywall Sanding Tools Foldable


        DP-2000F2 and DP-2000F3 are our 710W drywall sander which is designed for sanding walls and ceilings. It provides a superior finish and will Get the job done more faster. And it is easy to operate, variable speed, best price.   Technical Data: Model Number: DP-2000F2 ...

  • DP-UB30P Single Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump

    DP-UB30P Single Cylinder/DP-UB80P Dual Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump


    DP-UB30P Single Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump DP-UB80P Dual Cylinder Cement Mortar Sprayer with Piston Pump Applications: DP-UB30P(with single cylinder) and DP-UB80P(with dual cylinder) cement mortar sprayer with piston pump are applicable for spraying all kinds of dry-m...

  • DP-9800E Electric Hydraulic Driven Airless Paint Sprayer

    DP-9800E DP-9800G Hydraulic Driven Airless Paint Sprayer

    Motor power: 3.75KW Max. tip size: 0.041"
    Max.pressure: 220bar 3190psi Flow rate: 12L/min 3.2gpm


    DP-9800E / DP-9800G Hydraulic Airless Paint Sprayer is UPGRADED hydraulic model with DIRECT TRANSMISSION, no need belt, higher transmission efficiency. The perfect choice for large areas and intensive usage. The most helpful machine for the professional contractor who is looking for workhor...

  • FA50 polyurethane sprayer two components

    DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer


      This DP-FA50 foam insulation sprayer is totally air pneumatic compressor powered, used digital control and easy to use and learn system controls. Applications Of DP-FA50 Polyurethane PU Foam insulation sprayer : Polyurehtane foam, 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam i...

  • FA20 polyurethane foam reactor

    DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reacting System


    This DP-FA20 polyurethane foam reacting machine is a high pressure foaming machine. Application Of DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reacting System: Polyurethane foam  (A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol ) , 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam insulate packing, PU foam filling j...

  • DP-600E Drywall Sanding Tool

    DP-600E portable drywall sanders, dry wall sanding tools

    Motor power: 600w / 0.82hp


      Features of DP-600E Drywall Sanding Tool: 1. Electrical drywall sanders for all kinds of house decoration / wall sanding / polishing. 2. 220V / 50Hz, 110V / 60Hz 3. Sander Power: 600w 4.  Free load speed: 1000 - 2000rpm 5. Sanding pad diameter: 225mm 6. Machine whole length: 110 - ...

  • DP-22-41 Lift Type Pneumatic Mixer

    DP-22 Series High Quality Air pneumatic paint Agitator mixer


      DP-22 Series High Quality Air Mixer Agitators provide various solutions for all kinds of  mixing jobs, there is always one suitable option to you. The air mixer is good for industrial / factory using, strong power and stable quality, no motor spark, no electrostatic, an...

  • K301-pneumatic-airless sprayer 30:1/15:1/45:1

    DP-K301/151/451 Professional Pneumatic Airless Sprayer (30:1 15:1 45:1)

    Flow rate: 6L/min, 1.58gpm (12L/min, 3.17gpm) (4.5L/min, 1.19gpm)


    DP-K301/151/451 pneumatic airless sprayers are equipped with stainless steel fluid pump, all the web parts are made of stainless steel material. So this unit is suitable for all kinds of sealers, topcoats, primers and wiping stains, colorant, varnish, lacker, in medium to high viscosity.  Ideal ...

  • P-6611A High Quality Paint Tank with Air Agitator 10L

    DP-66 Series High Quality Paint Tanks 10L 20L 40L


      DP-66 Series High Quality Paint Tanks / paint pressure pot, 10L/20L/40L, with Automatic Air Agitator and Manual Agitator Ideal choice for big area spraying like interior and exterior wall, floor and machinery etc. The air driven air agitator will mix the pain...

  • DP-N80R Diesel Engine driving Cement Mortar Grouting Machine


    DP-N80R  Cement Mortar Grouting Machine is specially designed for cement mortar/concrete grouting with high efficiency. With powerful diesel engine driving & one-button easy start, no power / electricity needed on the job site , which will be easy to use in the jobsite specially outdoor or n...