DP AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYERS have wide range of paint spraying equipments, from piston pump to diaphragm pump.

The DP AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER are powered by electrical motor (brush & brushless motor, induction motor, universal motor), petrol engine, and hydraulic motor etc. are widely used for all kinds of paint (water based & oil based) / coating / epoxy / polyurethane / floor paint / latex / enamel etc.

  •  WSB-30A Aluminum Skimming Blades

    WSB series Aluminum Skimming Blades


    WSB-30A Aluminum Skimming Blades WSB-55A Aluminum Skimming Blades WSB-80A Aluminum Skimming Blades WSB series Aluminum Skimming Blades exhibition WSB series Aluminum Skimming Bladesparts WSB Skimming Blades Series Product Presentation The WSB series Aluminum Skimming Bla...

  • DP-730 Airless Spray Gun

    DP-730 Airless Spray Gun, A supporter of high efficient work


    DP-730 Airless Spray Gun -Front DP-730 Airless Spray Gun- Front DP-730 Airless Spray Gun -Back Product feature of DP-730 Airless Spray Gun Ergonomic design of the new Airless Spray Gun Lightweight design to reduce grip fatigue, suitable for long hours Custom trigger, 25%...

  • Main display of DP-6335LSP Ride-on Gas airless line stripper

    DP-6335LSP Ride-on Gas airless line striper


    Main display of DP-6335LSP Ride-on Gas airless line striper DP-6335LSP Ride-on Gas airless line striper Merchandise accessories The newly designed Ride-on Gas airless line striper Do you feel uncomfortable with repeated and tiring marking assignments? Do you find it too difficult to o...

  • DP-FA65 polyurea foam spray machine

    DP-FA25 FA65 Polyurea and Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation Machine

    Motor power: 7.5KW / 14KW
    Max.pressure: 110Bar / 250Bar Flow rate: 2~12Kg/min


    DP-FA25 and DP-FA65 are spray foam insulation machines designed for both polyurea and polyurethane foam Insulation spraying, for 1:1 two components materials. Max. 110bar and 250bar high pressure and max. 80℃ high temperature machine, professional. Specially designed for A. ISO isocyanate,...

  • DP-637AL Auto Airless Spray Gun 210Bar

    DP-637AL Auto Airless Spray Gun 210Bar


    The DP-637AL Automatic Airless spray gun has a compact design with fine atomization at medium to high fluid delivery for excellent finish quality Achieve quality finishes and higher production speeds for general metal finishing applications. Lightweight and compact rounded gun de...

  • DP-5000BFV-drywall sander brushless motor

    DP-5000BFV Brushless Drywall Sander with Dust Collection System


    Technical Data for the Brushless Drywall Sander: Motor power: 1000W brushless motor With Vacuum Voltage/frequency: 110-127V 220-240V / 50HZ or 60HZ No load speed: 1400-2300rpm Sanding pad diameter: 215mm Sanding paper diameter: 225mm/9inch Suction pipe dia:32mm Work styl...

  • DP-MM10 Digital Moisture Meter

    DP-MM10 Digital Moisture Meter


    DP-MM10 Digital Moisture Meter with PIN, with high quality at affordable price, with CE / FCC certificate. Features: 1. Easy to read LCD display with backlight. 2. Test wood moisture content from 6% ~ 60%. 3. Test building material moisture content form 1.5% ~ 33% ±0.2%. 4. Test envi...

  • DP-637VPD Voltage Protector Device


    DP-637PVD Votage protector device will prevent high voltage,peak value and power back sueges/surge demage to electrical and electronic equipment,and effcient protectiong of electrical equipment. Microprocessor-controlled,high-speed response,automatic operation,without any user’s i...

  • DP-637SCS Shut-off Spray Valve

    DP-637SCS Extended Reach Pressure Relief Spray Valve / Shut-off Valve


    DP-637SCS Extended Reach Pressure Relief Spray Valve/Shut-off Valve works with all DP 7/8" threads size airless paint spray guns and extension poles, optional with tip and tip guard, works most other brands of airless sprayer guns and extensions with 7/8" threads. Features: S...

  • X-450 High Quality Airless Spray Gun With Light Weight and Soft trigger

    X-450 Airless Spray Gun with Light Weight and Soft Grip


    X-450 airless spray gun is upgraded model with high quality, very light weight (only 460g), and very soft grip spray gun, for spraying both water-based and oil-based coatings. Same quality as American or European spray gun. Features/Advantages of X450 airless spray gun  1.Applicable for sprayi...

  • Q40T Texture Putty Plaster sprayer screw pump

    Q40T Advanced Texture Plaster Screw Pump Painting Machine

    Motor power: 3700W AC
    Max.pressure: 38bar/550psi Flow rate: 35L/min


        Q40T is a very easy to use and powerful screw pump machine for putty plaster texture etc. Painting, for medium to large areas construction interior and exterior wall painting.   Technical Data:   Model No. Q40T Pump Screw Pump Voltage...

  • High Pressure Screw Pump Q20H Airless Plaster

    Q20H High Pressure Screw Pump Plaster Sprayer


    The Q20H high-pressure screw pump  is impressive with its easy handling, excellent reliability and maximum performance. This is possible thanks to the combination of robust rotor-stator pump technology and comfortable airless technology. The powerful screw pump can be used for high-viscosity...

  • Q20 Texture Putty Plaster Spray Machine

    Q20 Putty Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump


    Q20 Screw Pump Texture Sprayer is powered by 4KW brushless DC motor and big delivery capacity, suitable for spraying most textured plaster, cement, mortar, putty, gypsum with grain size up to 3 mm. Technical Specifications: Model No.: Q20 Voltage: 220/50Hz, 20A Motor Power: 4000W...

  • DP-M216G Double rotation concrete mixer

    DP-M216G Electric Hand-held Concrete Mixer 1600W, Double Rotation

    Motor power: 1600W


    DP-M216G concrete mortar mixer is designed for heavy materials mixing and faster working, two mixing paddle and counter-rotating, save 50% working time, and less vibration.   Technical data: Model No. DP-M216G Voltage / Frequency 220V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ P...


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