What does the spray gun Filter do?

The filter in the spray gun filters the paint one last time before it’s sprayed.

The gun filter helps eliminate down time by preventing debris from entering the tip, and prevents it from being sent onto the wall.

Below are DP gun filter details:

Item NO. Gun filter mesh Color Suitable for tip size Suitable for paints
DP-637F30 30 Green 0.031″-0.055″ etc Elastomeric / Blockfiller / Primer
DP-637F60 60 White 0.019″-0.027″ Heavy latex
DP-637F100 100 Yellow 0.013“-0.017” Latex paint / Acrylic / Enamel
DP-637F150 150 Red 0.009″-0.013″ Stain or Lacquer





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