Airless Sprayer for 1:1 Two-component Liquid Rubber


Liquid rubber is a variety of sythentic rubber, which is supplied in liquid form, but it will get dry in 30 minutes after applied onto the surface.

When the rubber is utilized, it cures, hardening and holding a desired shape.

There are a number of applications for this product, ranging from injection molded toys

to roof sealants, waterproofing etc.

There’re 2 kinds of spraying equipment for this kind of polyurethane material.

A.  2 components spraying, which A & B material will be mixed outside the spray gun tip nozzle:

If two DP-6C pneumatic spraying machines are combined togethere as below and use two

air-mix spray guns , then it’s good for spraying liquid rubber and even bitumen,

the air-mix spray guns spray out the liquid rubber at the same time and mix together outside,

the liquid rubber will harden outside immediately, the same principle for bitumen.





























B.  2 material mixed in the spray gun, and combine inside the spray gun.

for this application, the painter only need the below airless spray gun which use 2 in 1 connection.

The A/B two material enter into the spray gun sametime, and same volume.

and mixing inside the spray gun body.


C. Mix A&B two component materials before spraying, and just use electrical airless paint sprayer to spray it as one single component


this is fast and easy to operate, but you must finish your job within 1 hour. otherwise the A/B two components will get dry , and the machine couldn’t spray it out, and most important, it could damage the pump machine.

Remember to clean the machine immediately after you finish the painting job.

The below item DP6331i could apply this waterproofing polyurethane liquid rubber spraying job also

waterproofing spraying by dp airless sprayer










DP6331i for liquid rubber spray job

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  1. tohid rahmanpour
    2015/05/22 at 04:35:49

    i’m tohid rahmanpour.
    my company working the waterproofing system and we want buying the emilution bitumen spray machine
    we are interested of your machine DP6331i for our job
    please send me your price and this machine catalog to me.
    we want know from this machine and price

  2. ginio volpe
    2014/08/28 at 19:00:26

    hi i would like to purchase a B. 2 material mixed in the spray gun, and combine inside the spray gun.

    could you please quote me a price and delivery info please

    ginio volpe

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