DP-TX150 30L Paint tank texture sprayer

  • Model Number: DP-TX150
  • Package: carton
  • Measurement: 45*61*39cm / 17.8*24.1*15.4FT

Technical data:

Tank capacity: 30L

Spraying pressure: 4bar

Max. hose length: 7.5m

External diameter of texture hose: 1.5inch 37mm

External diameter of air hose: 10mm

Air compressor: 3hp or bigger

Max. air pressure: 6bar

(The safety valve will release the pressure automatically when the pressure is over 6bar)

Full set included:

30L paint tank: 1pc

Pressure gage: 1pc

Texture hose: 4m

Paint spray gun: 1pc (4pcs tips, 4/6/8/10mm size)

Air hose: 4m



  1. Good working performance, high pressure and strong percolating force, increased the engage force for coating and wall, a better solution for problems, like coated bubble, cracking etc.
  2. Saving material: paint utilization is above 80% (air spray about 30%).
  3. For poor diluted thick coating is also working perfect.
  4. Little paints rebound has greatly improved working conditions, better for painter’s health.
  5. Easy operate and carry, low noise.

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