DP-T3 Texture Paint Sprayer With Screw Pump

Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump, For Putty Plaster Spraying

DP-T3 Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump

Portable Type Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump, For Putty Plaster Spraying

Portable Type Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump, For Putty Plaster Spraying

The DP-T3 Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump is a new, compact texture spraying unit equipped with Stainless steel hopper, for all textured plasters, cement plaster, putty, gypsum etc with a grain size up to 3 mm, fillers and EIFS adhesives.

Specifications of Texture Paint Sprayer With Screw Pump:

Electricity / power: 220v 50hz / 60hz
Motor output – 1.8 kw DC Brushless Motor
Max delivery rate – 12 litres per minute

Max operating pressure – 20 bar
Max grain size – 3mm
Max delivery radius – 15m  (horizonal),  or max.10m (height)
Hose length included in the package – 7 m

Stainless steel Hopper capacity: 40 L

Net Weight – 35 kg

Required Airless Compressor: 0.9CBM/7.5KW

Nozzle size: 4-6 – 8 – 10mm four size available for different application such as putty, cement plaster, white cement, gypsum, lime based coating, texture etc. ( 6 nozzles are standard in the package)

Features of Texture Sprayer With Screw Pump:

Container: low weight, and easy to clean, flexible, weatherproof and resistant to ageing.
Materials: Handing materials with a grain size up to 3 mm.
Motor: The new powerful brushless motor achieves high torques to ensures good performance, and very low noise.

Stainless steel bucket is optional.

The durable screw pump could be used for 5000 – 10000 square meters for texture material
Place: suitable for use in the small commercial sector as well as for large projects.

Ideal for putty / cement plaster / lime based plaster / texture spraying for indoor and outdoor wall finish.

Applicable Coatings As Below :

  • Thermal insulation composite system bonding agent(mineral and artificial systems).
  • Artificial resin plaster up to 3mm granular size.
  • Silicate plaster up to 3mm granular size.
  • Silicone resin plaster up to 3mm granular size.
  • Mineral final coats up to 3mm granular size.
  • Lightweight plaster systems up to 3mm granular size.
  • Scraped stucco up to 3mm granular size.
  • Thermal insulation plasters.
  • Restoration plaster.
  • Porous concrete coating.
  • Quartz plastic.
  • Roof coatings.
  • Fire protection coatings.
  • Mineral sealing sludges.
  • Bitumen emulsions.
  • Armoring filler.
  • Liquid wood-chip wall paper.
  • Casement grouting mortar.
  • Artificial resin rendering base.
  • Wash primer.
  • Elastic coating.
  • Acoustic plaster, artificial resin bonded.
  • Fillers, artificial resin bonded.

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  1. hank
    2018/01/16 at 21:24:10

    how much is the texture sprayer ? how many meters for the hose?
    do you have 110v 60hz version ?
    please reply me by email. thanks

    • DP
      2018/12/07 at 04:43:05

      Hi Hank,

      For the T3 texture sprayer, the standard hose included in the package is 7 m
      and the the max delivery is 15m (horizonal), or max.10m (height).

      Do you need the machine for own usage or for resell? the 110v motor which we need to custom-made.

      For more details, please send us by mail to

  2. samuel
    2018/01/02 at 11:13:12

    how can i buy it in UK? what’s the price?
    Do you have agent or store in London?
    do they offer the training and service for this texture sprayer also?
    waiting for response

  3. Vladimir kutsar
    2017/12/25 at 12:45:30

    Interested in the do-t3 pump need to know the price

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