DP-TP3900L Two-components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine

  • Model Number: DP-TP3900L
  • Machine Power: Gasoline Engine Powered
  • Motor power: 6.5HP
  • Motor type: Honda Gasoline Engine
  • Pressure controlling: Electronical + SmartControl
  • Flow rate: 15L/min 4gpm
  • Max. tip size: 0.039”(one gun), 0.031”(two guns)
  • Max.pressure: 227bar/3300psi/22.7Mpa
  • Net weight: 286kgs 629.2lbs
  • Gross weight: 310kgs 682lbs
  • Package: Wooden Case
  • Measurement: 170*85*110cm 67*33.5*43.3inch
  • Worn parts: piston rod + V-packings
  • Efficiency: 2-3km/h
DP-TP3900L Two-Components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine

DP-TP3900L Two-Components Hydraulic Driven Roadline Marking Machine


DP-TP3900L Two-components Roadline Marking Machine, hydraulic driven type

with 6.5HP Honda gasoline engine, is specially designed for heavy duty

roadline striping projects. Applicable for spraying all kinds of water-based,

oil-based, two-components roadline marking coatings.


Technical Specifications:

Type: Hydraulic Driven Piston Pump

Engine Power: 6.5HP Honda(gasoline)

Max. Flow Rate: 15L/min

Max. Tip Size: 0.039”(one gun), 0.031”(two guns)

Max. Pressure: 227bar/3300psi

Gasoline Container Volume: 3.6L

Control System: Continuouslv Variable Transmission

Efficiency: 2-3km/h

Beads Sprinking System: Pneumatic Control(powered by oiless air compressor)

Beads Container Volume: 20L(27kgs)

N.W.: 286kgs

G.W.: 310kgs

Machine Dimension: 165.1*81.3*101.6cm(L*W*H)

Wooden Case Dimension: 170*85*110cm



1.SmartControl ensures stable spraying pressure,

almost no impluse and no spray fan shape change.

2.Newly Designed Cooling Fan increases the air passing volume much,

making the hydraulic pump stay at cool status all the time.

3.Improved Bigger Oil Tank, the more oil inside, the less temperature machine

is operating, and the less wearing for the spare parts.

4.Chromex Piston Rod are coated with an extremely wear resistant layer of

hard chrome(4 times harder than common chrome layer),

making them able to with-stand aggressive and abrasive materials.



1.Big flow rate up to 15L/min improves line marking efficiency.

2.Stable spraying pressure all the time.

3.Trolley type with wheels, easy to move forward, backward and turn direction.

4.Perfect linke marking effect, up to high line marking standards.

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