DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Striper / Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Marking Machine / Line Booster

  • Model Number: DP-3200LB
  • Machine Power: HONDA Petrol Engine
  • Motor power: 5.5HP
  • Net weight: 120kgs + 120kgs
  • Measurement: 105*70*150cm , 132*85*100cm
DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Stiper

DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Stiper, Line Driving Booster Marking Machine

DP Ride-on Line Booster

DP Ride-on Line Booster

DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Striper is a ride-on thermoplastic line painting machine that can connect to a DP Line Booster.

Many of the thermoplastic stripers in use today are hard to maneuver, fatiguing and lack the features necessary to improve productivity. Today’s contractors demand professional equipment that will get the job done fast and at the highest quality. DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Striper is the answer.

The DP-3200LB Ride-on Hot Thermoplastic Line Marking / Line striping System features the most efficient ride-on solution with the capability to connect to a DP Line Booster. This provides superior handling, improved line quality and increased productivity. With the Line Booster attached, the user is less fatigued and will get the job done faster. This line striper is with dual rear wheels and a single front caster wheel that provides the most comfortable and efficient handling.

Specifications of Ride on Line Booster Machine:

Engine: Honda 5.5HP petrol engine

Driving System: imported ultra silent booster

Speed Adjusting System: hydraulic CVT

Lighting Device: LED electronic searchlight

Seat Material: foldable real-leather seat

Connecting Device: 360°free swivel connector

N.W.: 120kgs

Dimension: 105*70*150cm

Specifications of Hot Thermoplastic painting machine / Line Striper machine:

Coating Loading Capacity: 100kgs per time

Width of Marking Line: 100/150/200/300/400/450mm(by changing different line marking hopper)

Thickness of Marking Line: 1.0-2.5mm

Marking Speed: depends on line booster speed.

Heating Temperature: 180-210℃

Heating Method: by burning petroleum gas

Net Weight: 120kgs

Dimension: 132*85*100cm

Features and Advantages of DP-3200LB Ride-on Thermoplastic Line Striper with Line Booster:

1.The thermoplastic painting machine combined with Ride-on Line Booster, much higher efficiency.

2.Light and compact body structure, outer shape looks comfortable.

3.Lift type design for the handles, operators could adjust the height

according to their own requirements.

4.With automatic glass beads dispenser.

5.The thermoplastic painting machine equipped with glass bead dispenser, and it has speed regulating equipment for dispensing the glass beeds,

2 tap positions for option.

6.The heating bucket is temperature retaining and it could be detachable,

inside there is mixer design to solve the common material stock problem.

7.The pointer is adjustable, which will somehow improve working efficiency.

8.The marking hooper is made of high precision steel, high temperature resisting,

corrosion resisting, not easily deformed, fast heating, etc.

9.The wheels are made of imported high-quality rubber and fine steel,

quite durable and portable.




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