DP-6800 road line marking painting machine (Diaphragm pump, 4HP 4.5L)

  • Model Number: DP-6800
  • Machine Power: 4hp 3000w
  • Pressure controlling: Mechanical
  • Flow rate: 4.5L/mins
  • Max. tip size: 0.031''
  • Max.pressure: 220bar

[doptg id=”64″]DP6800 road line striping machine



DP-6800 airless line striper (4HP 4.5L) / line painting machine with diaphragm pump is the preferred choice with line striping parking lots, athletic fields. It is ideal for most low to medium VOC, waterborne traffic paints. This is a great entry level Gas engine powered striper, and can be used for small to medium sized parking lots, runways, roads marking, paths and sports fields.

Features of 6800 road line marking / line painting machine (Diaphragm pump, 4HP 4.5L):

Easy Reach Controls
Operator spraying controls are located right at the handle bars, designed for more comfortable and better control.
You can fine tune the striping system operation without stopping.

Swivel Front Wheel with Lock system
Provides easier “up to the curb” parking lot striping ,and With the Front wheel LOCK system, you can also stripe arcs and curves in any angle.

Handle Bar Design
High-comfort design for greater striper control and less operator fatigue.

Easy-Roll Wheel Design
Tall, low friction easy-roll wheels in big size, push easily for less operator fatigue.

One-gun & two-guns

Could be equipped with one gun spraying (standard) or two guns for double line spraying.

Quality proven valves

The valves are precised machined in stainless steel + tungsten carbide material for long life.

Higher pressure

Adjustable pressure control 0-3650psi / 250bar.

LONCIN engine

Powered by 4hp LONCIN Petrol Engine/Motor.

Technical datas of 6800 road line marking painting machine (Diaphragm pump, 4HP 4.5L):

     Model No.    DP-6800 with diaphragm pump
     Engine power     4hp 3000Watts
     Max. pumping capacity     4.5 L/min (1.16GPM)
     Max. nozzle size     up to 0,031″
     Max. pressure     250bar / 3630psi
     Weight      75kg (165 Lbs)


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  1. Arthur Johnstone
    2015/11/16 at 17:39:54

    Elliston Council is investigating the purchase of a road marking machine, ideally one that an operator can stand on to work (Trolley) attachment, similar to the DP3400L or DP 6335L. I await your response

  2. Kasperi Koistinen
    2014/07/29 at 04:32:26


    I`m writing from Finland and I´m interested about DP-6800 airless line stiper.

    What´s your last price for the machine without tax?

    And is it possible to buy it from Finland and how about shipping?

    Best Regards

    Kasperi Koistinen

  3. Zvonko
    2013/09/26 at 14:55:41

    I am interested in your road line marking machines dp-6800 with two guns or dp-3400 two guns. Can you send me the prices for the machines. I would like to buy one of them.
    Please can you tel me what will be the extra cost for transport to Skopje-R. Macedonia
    Best regards Zvonko
    Platinum ltd

  4. Shane Kilgore
    2013/04/19 at 11:12:34

    I am the Mayor of the City of Jasper, here in Arkansas and was curious as to the cost of the DP-6800 Road line marking machine. Please email me back with price and any other pertinent information.


    Shane Kilgore
    Jasper, AR

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