DP-K180 big capacity membrane pump for fluid transfer



Model No. K180 double-diaphragm pump
Max air pressure range: 7bar
Liquid inlet and outlet size: 1″ NPT
Air inlet and outlet size : 1/4″ NPT
Min starting pressure: 1.6bar
Max deliver capacity: 180L/min
Air consumption: 960L/min
Max grain diameter: 6mm
1. New fluid transferring pump with double membrane, with high capacity, light weight and compact size.
2. High quality PTFE membrane in large diameter, generate big volume output,
and last longer lifetime without problem.
3. Air valve with double spool.
4. High precision paint pressure regulator & output regulator.
5. Low and high manifold with inner diameter enlarged easy for cleaning and inspection.
6. Could be used for paint, chemical, oil, fluid transfer etc which require big output capacity.
7. The teflon diaphragm use imported material from JAPAN , which has strong capability of anti-corrosive, anti-acid & bases. and ensure you the longgest lifetime. ideal for big volume fluid transferring jobs.


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