General Maintenance For The Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayer maintenance

1.Use the appropriate size manifold pump filter and gun filter for the material being sprayed

2.Check filters daily, if clogged more than 20%, replace. If punctured, replace immediately.

3.Visually check hoses every time you spray for internal build-up, cracks, kinks, holes, blisters, abrasions, and damage to the hose cover.

4.Use two wrenches when tightening high pressure hose connections.

5. Ensure good air-flow path into motor, wipe shroud clean after each use.

6.Do not cover the pump with a rag or plastic while spraying, allow good airflow to keep the sprayer cool.

7.Don’t pressure wash the unit.

8.Keep wet cup/brass packing nut tightened. Fill cup with TSL every time you spray to reduce paint adhesion on the rod. Do not use oil as a substitute for TSL.

9. If raw paint appears on the pump rod, tighten packing nut 1/8 turn or until weeping stops. Over tightening can overwork pump and reduce performance.

10.When pump repair kit packings wear, paint will begin to leak down the outside of the pump. Replace pump packings at the first sign of leaking or additional damage could occur to the expensive pump hard parts.

11 .Clear tips with a couple short bursts of water or solvent with the tip in the “reverse” position.

12. Clean tips with a soft brush. Store tips for short periods in a sealed container of water or solvent.

13. Replace tips if fan pattern has collapsed or pump can not maintain enough pressure for a good pattern.

14. In cold climates, don’t allow water or paint to freeze in internal parts or the hoses. Expansion as water freezes can cause severe damage.

15.HVLP – Check and clean or replace air intake filters.

16. Gas Units – Check oil level. Change oil as indicated in owners manual.

17.Bring your sprayer in annually for a general service check at an authorized DP repair center.

18. Do a dirty rinse and a clean rinse, another rinse with clean water or thinner, with a minimum of five gallons of rinse fluid.

19. Store your system with the pump rod in the down location. Less exposure to air will reduce corrosion.

20. Short term storage (overnight), water is OK, thinner is better.

21. Longer term storage, thinner is OK, Pump Armor is better.

22. Do not store the unit under pressure.

23. To prevent fluid from running out of the sprayer during storage, fasten a plastic bag over suction tube.



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