Polyurethane Reacting Heated Hose



heated hose

heated hose for paint sprayer equipment

This reacting heated hose is a NEW developed polyurethane insulation heating hose that help maintain proper fluid temperatures while spraying, resulting in better yield and performance. Working together with DP-FA50, FA60 etc. plural components reactors.

Features Of High Pressure Reacting Heated Hose:

  • Using special materials imported, ensuring faster and more balanced heating in low temperature working environment.
  • Totally hermetic sealing device with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, water-resistance and other characteristics, to ensure that the heating temperature won’t be lost.
  • Protection of high pressure sealing tape results more durable and more stable for heating system.
  • Heated hose with unique fluid temperature sensor: using US metal sensor, timely and effective feedback signal and temperature information to ensure more accurate temperature control.
  • Inner tube is made of a special resin reinforced tube to ensure that the tube can be used in high temperature and high pressure environment properly with superior flexibility, mobility and more convenient. The outside sleeve is made of high-quality nylon protective sleeve, enabling uses in harsh working environment and improves the life-time of pipelines.

Max. heated hose temperature: 0-80C degree



heater hose temperature sensor

heater hose US temperature sensor


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    2016/08/05 at 07:26:57

    je suis intéressé de présenter vos produits au Maroc
    je vous demande les prix de vos produits
    DP HXP20= DP FA0 POLYURETHANE PU= DP HXP30 HYD= DP AXP1 ET tuyau chauffé pour l’équipement de pulvérisation de peinture
    bonne reception

    • Lily
      2018/08/24 at 01:26:22


      Merci pour votre demande.
      Notre DP-HXP20 est une machine de peinture à deux composants pour la pulvérisation de mousse de polyuréthane et de polyurée.
      Machine prend en charge deux composants ratio de mélange des matériaux 1: 1 ou 1: 2, professionnel.
      Notre équipe de vente vous enverra un courrier électronique plus tard avec plus de détails.

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