DP-SB500 Professional Portable Sandblaster



DP-SB500 Portable Sandblaster series can meet different requirements of customers and is widely applicable for sandblasting and cleaning big-sized work piece, like steel structure, ship building, steel plate, boiler, container, etc, also applicable for sandblasting treatment of jeans wear.


Features of the SB500 sandblaster:

  1. Easy to move, with complete accessories and function, easy operation.
  2. High surface cleaning and finishing efficiency as long as equipped with compressed air source.
  3. Using imported blast valve structure, easy to adjust the proportion of air and sand, optimizing the utilization rate of abrasive sand.
  4. Pressure container manufacturing process according to relevant national regulations and standards, safe and reliable.
  5. Using wear-resisting hose and nozzles, ensuring long lifetime.
  6. Less easily worn parts, convenient for maintenance, low operation cost.


Technical Specifications of SB500 sand blaster equipment:

Volume: 100L

Pot Diameter: 500mm

Height: 150cm

Weight: 150kgs

Gun: 1pc

Working Pressure: 2-8bar

Language in: French

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