DP-IP01 Internal Pipe Painting Equipment


DP-IP01 Internal Pipe Painting Equipment

DP-IP01 Internal Pipe Painting Equipment is designed for medium-sized pipe inner wall coating. The paint transfered from airless sprayer goes through a special nozzle, that will spray most all coatings from the thinnest to the most viscous.

Features – Adjustable screw control will expand the scissor arms to fit internal pipes from Ф50 – Ф300mm pipes, paint viscosity shall not exceed 80 seconds (No. 4 Ford cup). Conical Spray Nozzle allows even coating of the internal area of the pipe. Simply connect your standard airless spray gun to the 15m paint hose included in this package and you are ready to coat internal pipes up to Ф300mm with ease.

DP-IP01 Internal Pipe Painting Equipment (2)

1. Spray nozzle 2. Hoop 3. Support 4. Honeycomb duct 5. Adjusting handle 6. Heavy-duty hose 7. Hand spray gun

Technical data:
In spray coating pipeline hole scope (mm): Ф50-250
Fuselage length (mm): Ф50×280(Long)
Fuselage weight (kg): 0.9
Coating controlling switch spray gun weight (kg): : 0.45

DP-IP01 Internal Pipe Paint sprayer


















DP-IP01 Internal Pipe sprayer Equipment



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  1. Leroy
    2017/08/24 at 16:34:59

    Hi, can you please email me more info & quote for your internal pipe spraying equipment that can fit into a 50mm – 300mm pipe and


    2016/12/29 at 04:14:01

    looking for internal coating of 100 mm dia pipes
    pl send your qout for a suitable equipment
    Alok gupta

  3. George
    2016/06/25 at 03:12:13

    send us price for internal coaters and brouchers


  4. luke
    2016/04/12 at 15:30:02

    I would like to buy this DP-IP01

  5. Htut Swe
    2015/10/02 at 01:21:56

    We are looking pipe internal coating tool for 8-1/2″ , 40′ long ( DP IPo1 )and we will be using our airless sprayer pump. We would appreciate if you could provide us the appropriate tool with specification and price.. We need only one set.

  6. Stace Marcus
    2015/08/18 at 15:20:15

    How much is the DP-IPO1 pipe coating sprayer.

  7. Dennis
    2015/01/28 at 23:30:19

    I am interested in your internal Blasters & sprayers.

    2015/01/05 at 05:44:23

    Dear Sir, dear Miss

    We are french company and we will be interested to receive an offer for your device DP-IP01 Internal Pipe Painting Equipment with a hose of 2 meter.

    Awaiting your answer

    Best regards


  9. Pawel
    2014/12/28 at 08:08:02


    I’m Pawel and I’m representing Polish company. We are interested in your internal pipe coating spying machine. We need spraying machine for diameters of pipes 110-1200mm (can be two machines). Pls send us your offer for machines which we need.

    P.S. Do you have some movie how your product works?

    Best Regards
    Pawel ****

  10. Amit Sharma
    2014/05/16 at 01:32:20

    Dear Team ,

    Could you please send me the quote for coating the inner pipe of 6inches diameter for more than 15 feet long .
    Amit sharma

  11. azriman
    2014/01/28 at 20:44:24

    Please send RFQ. any branch in malaysia?

  12. azriman
    2014/01/28 at 04:47:24

    Please send me quotation. any location in malaysia? please give me a contact no.


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