PR-5A Fluid Pressure Regulator for Double-Diaphragm Pumps

fluid pressure regulator

fluid pressure regulator

These fluid Regulators are for 1:1 Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps, for precise pressure regulation. Used to control the fluid pressure coming from diaphragm pumps and other low pressure supply pumps. Helps to reduce and sometimes eliminate the wink in spray patterns when spray guns are connected directly to double diaphragm pumps giving a better finish.

The Iwata type fluid regulator valve use the steel pressure gauge, and stainless components.

The membrane / diaphragm inside is made of teflon.

The ball inside is stainless steel.

Technical Data:

Model No. PR-5A PR-6C PR-6A PR-7A
Material Aluminum Copper Aluminum Aluminum
Pressure Range 0-60psi 0-60psi 0-60psi 0-60psi
Fluid inlet 1/4” PT 1/4” PT 1/4” PT 1/4” PT
Fluid outlet 1/4” PT 1/4” PT 1/4” PT 1/4” PT



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