DP-12C-2 Airmix airless paint sprayer


Air-assited airless penumatic paint machine

Air-assited airless penumatic paint pump


Air-assisted airless pneumatic paint sprayer- Breakthrough in spraying technology – Continuous Innovation

Airmix was designed to create a new spraying technology which combines the advantages of the conventional and Airless spraying technology.

Airmix associates middle pressure spraying and an indirect addition of atomization air(at a very low pressure),which leads to outstanding fan control. The outcome of this association is a supercharge of air at the locus of atomization, right after the outflow from the tip, which results in a perfectly controlled and adjustable fan.

Airmix spraying provides best solution for the furniture, engineering machinery, coach, renewable energies field. Outstanding finish quality and higher productivity have earned good reputation from customers. We are committed to introduce more new technology for saving your production cost and improving efficiency of application.

The advantages of Airmix spraying compared with Airless spraying:

1. Avoid paint particles rebounds, reduce coating consumption by up to 35% and more

2. Lower fluid pressure generating less overspray

3.  No dry spray occur, lower paint velocity reduces turbulent flow happen

4. Excellent atomization quality and homogeneity of the coating film

5. Lower fluid pressure versus similar technology reduced consumption of nozzles,spray gun and pump

6. No risk of hose burst, reduced the possibility of damage

7. Reduced spray booth maintenance

8. Fast return of investment




Pressure exchanging rate


The max. fluid output volume: litre/min


Compress air (MPa)




Diameter of cylinder (mm)


Weight   (kg )



air-mix airless pump sprayer-










air-mix airless sprayer -







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  1. Ppsridhar
    2016/02/29 at 08:19:47

    Please send the price of single DP-12C-2 Airmix airless sprayer ( pump ,sprayer,hose ) set including shipping charges to India.

  2. Niels
    2015/08/24 at 15:27:55

    please sent me some info and prizes for the airless/mix machines/combinations.

    thank you. Niels

    2013/12/10 at 13:37:21

    Please send me price for DP-12C-2 Airmix Airless Paint Sprayer



  4. jamila
    2013/02/28 at 07:36:14

    hi mates,
    i want to buy one unit DP-12C-2 Airmix Paint Sprayer .
    it looks very good. can you give me the price and payment method?

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