DP-K500SV/DP-K500OV Suction Valve & Outlet Valve Stainless Steel / Tungsten Carbide


Diaphragm pump repair kits(Inlet valve+Outlet valve)

Specifications for the suction valve and outlet valve:

1. Material: stainless steel + tungsten carbide

2. Excellent quality, long lifetime and good price.

3. can be used in all kinds of high temperature, corrosion etc.

4.The suction valve and pressure valve is suitable for the Major brand diaphragm pumps sprayers like; LARIUS, TAIVER, TECNOVER, ASTURO, etc. other Italy producers, or Wagner diaphragm pump Germany.


Language in: Russian


  1. Robert
    2016/04/23 at 19:21:02

    Ho much for 1 unit shipped to australia?

  2. Oleg
    2015/10/07 at 04:35:34

    Hello! How much is the DP-K500SV and DP-K500PV?
    You can send the goods to Ukraine?

  3. Tina
    2015/01/03 at 21:10:11

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