DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank 20 liter

  • Model Number: DP-T20SS
  • Air inlet: 1/4''
  • Fluid outlet: 1/4''
  • Tank capacity: 20L / 5.3 Gal (40L/60L are also available)
Stainless steel paint tank

stainless steel paint tank for water-based and oil-based coatings spraying

Technical data Of DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank 20 liter:

DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank

Tank capacity: 20 L

Material: stainless steel 304

Inlet & Outlet size: 1/4″

Equipped with safety valve to ensure the tank is always under the safe pressure.

Include with 2 easily carrying handle

Stainless steel tank could be used for both oil based and also water based paint / coating, and also even the chemical / food / drinking / beer etc storage purpose.

The tank could be made in other capacity like 40L or 60L.

low pressure paint tank

Stainless steel low pressure paint pot




stainless steel pressure tank for water-based and oil-based coatings sprayingstainless steel pressure tank


Air-agitator Auto Mixing Paint Tanks (10L/20L/40L/60L)air-operated paint tank auto-mixing


DP-M207A M208A Electric Paint MixerElectric Paint Mixer  

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  1. aaron goodnow
    2016/03/06 at 17:49:25

    looking for this pressure tank for my chroming system 804-874-****

  2. yoon duck ho
    2016/02/05 at 18:54:52

    i want to see internal ficture at dp-t20ss
    and how much maximun opration pressure
    i go to korea coast guard aviation

  3. jevon
    2015/09/08 at 12:48:22

    what is the price of DP-T20SS Stainless Steel Paint Tank 20 Liter i would like to purchase three

  4. Haren pandya
    2015/03/12 at 22:07:37

    Wanted 20 litres painting tank call on +91 932133****

  5. Jon
    2015/01/03 at 20:22:25

    I need a pressurized tank for spraying water. Do you have such a product?

  6. Mario David
    2014/05/15 at 22:17:36

    How much do they coast?

  7. Dan *****
    2013/12/20 at 17:44:24

    Please quote 200 of 20 liter tank stainless.we are OEM of cleaning equipment in USA also 40 liter

  8. Renato Cassula
    2013/05/15 at 00:11:47

    What is the price of your tank of 20 liters? Do you send CIF to Brazil?> Port of Santos or Air to the airport of Campinas “Airport code ‘CPQ'”

    Please, let me know you conditions,


    Renato Cassula

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