The preparation for using airless sprayers

Whether you are using an airless sprayer, there are a few key setup points. All sprayers have a filter at the intake point. Make sure it’s clean. Most sprayers also have a removable filter near the pump and another one in the handle of the gun. Check both to make sure they’re clean, and plan to strain your paint through a mesh filter bag to remove lumps so they won’t clog the filters.

Before you can start spraying, you have to prime the pump. Photos 1 and 2 show how. You may have to repeat this process if the paint in the bucket runs out while you’re spraying.

Photo 1: Prime the pump

Place the smaller prime tube in a waste pail and the suction tube in the bucket of strained paint. Turn the prime/spray valve to “prime.” Switch on the pump. Turn the pressure valve up until the pump starts. When the paint starts flowing from the prime tube, move it into the paint bucket.







Photo 2: Clear air bubbles

Clip the prime tube to the suction tube. Let the pump run for about 30 seconds or until no more air bubbles come out of the tube.









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