Spray Tips FAQ

Below are some DP airless spray gun tips FAQ for reference.


1. What size tip should I use?

Answer: This is an in-depth question.

It based on the material to be sprayed, the machine you used, the working pressure of the airless spray painting machine etc.

Here is a general guide for airless spray gun nozzles as far as orifice sizes go as compared to the material being sprayed.


2. What is the best way to clean my spray tips?

Answer: First on the sprayer when cleaning the airless sprayer using the thinner of the material being sprayed. Then in a bucket or other container along with the guard and using a small stiff bristled nylon brush and the thinner of the product being sprayed to remove as much material as possible. Rinse with clean thinner. After that put the guard and tip back on the sprayer for a final high pressure blast of clean thinner to push through anything that may be in the orifice from the brush cleansing.


3. How do I know when to replace tips?

Answer: All tips will wear out in time depending on the abrasiveness of the material. The more abrasive the material, the faster the tip will wear out. Latex for example, will start to wear the tip out anywhere from 40-50 gallons. Stains, being less abrasive, will last longer.


4. How do I know a tip is worn out?

Answer: Airless spray tips start out in an oval spray pattern. As a tip becomes more worn, the oval shape will gradually form into a circle, sending more paint into a smaller area. the other way to tell if your tip is worn out, is if you start to see the effects of fingers or tails. Generally a DP-637TT spray tip will spray around 45 gallons of paint before it needs to be replaced. A DP-637TX spray tip will last for approximately 40 gallons. All tips will vary depending on pressure that the user is spraying at the the type of paint being sprayed.


X spray tip 11.1mm

X spray tip 11.1mm


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