DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reacting System

FA20 polyurethane foam reactor

DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Reactor

This DP-FA20 polyurethane foam reacting machine is a high pressure foaming machine.

Application Of DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reacting System:

Polyurethane foam  (A. ISO  isocyanate ;  B. Polyol ) , 2-components spray, spouting, heat insulation, foam insulate packing, PU foam filling jobs, Tank and pipe coating, Roof insulation.


Model No. DP-FA20
Mixing volumetric ratio 1:1
Max. pressure 150bar / 2180psi
Max. Hose length 60m
Max. Output volume 6kgs / min (13.2 lbs/min)
Compressor output ≥ 1000 L/min
Compressor pressure Max.8kgs
Heater power(watt) 4000w
Heating temperature 0-80 C degree
Wooden Case Size 70*90*145cm
N.W./G.W. 180/230kgs
Voltage / Power 220v/50HZ, 4000W/20A
Heated hose+whip hose 15M+1.5M



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  1. Nelu
    2017/01/31 at 05:00:44

    DP-FA20 as dori un preț .va mulțumesc România.

  2. Nelu
    2017/01/31 at 04:11:11

    Sunt interesat de acest produs DP-FA20 ce preț mulțumesc. Imail.********* Tim****** Timi**** România.

  3. Aldis
    2017/01/24 at 15:48:26

    Hi!Good day!How much DP-FA 20 equipment set.Thank you!

  4. Waleed elmasri
    2016/07/22 at 09:43:27

    Can you inform me what is the differance between FA60 And FA20
    What is the price for full set(machine. Pipe and gunter)

  5. Waleed elmasri
    2016/07/18 at 13:56:19

    Good day
    Need the smallest machine to foam 5000 Sq mtr only also need the 2 components to ship as one shipment, can I have an offer

  6. vallmitjana
    2016/04/30 at 16:51:53

    I want to know the price for a DP-FA20 machine + a spray gun + hose heat 18M
    deliver in France
    thank you

  7. Henry Oosthuizen
    2015/07/10 at 06:56:15

    RFQ Please send quote for the DP-FA20 Polyurethane Foam Injector Reactor system

    Best regards

  8. Juan Carlos Salamanca
    2015/01/16 at 15:23:15


    We are interested in a polyurethane foam reactor like your DP-FA20. Please confirm this is suitable for operating using polymeric MDI. We need to produce floating units as part of our fuel level sensors units assembly line.

    Please send us a quoation including bochures, operation instructions and data sheet. Video would be also appreciated.

    Please note that power availablity is 110V/1 ph/60 Hz and/or 220V/3 ph/60Hz.

    Look forward to get your answer.

    Best regards,

    Juan Carlos *******
    Far******** Ltda
    Bogotá – Colombia

  9. Dr TCHANK
    2015/01/05 at 10:18:45


    Can you mail me your best price list and more technical information for your PU sraying machine DP-FA20;

    Best regards

    Dr TCHANK.

  10. Marat Batyrshin
    2014/10/22 at 15:20:08

    Good day . Interested in installing DP FA 20. Produce you this equipment ? What is the cost ? Accept payment in rubles ? How is the service ? Thanks for the answer .

  11. Gesse
    2014/05/22 at 21:09:47

    plz, send to me price the machines.

    2014/04/03 at 08:11:43

    We are interested in foaming machine for packaging of products in corugated boxes.
    the intended material to use is with following specifications.
    mixing ratio of poly:iso is 1:1
    the ceam time is 3 seconds
    rise time is 12 seconda
    free rise density is 8 kg/cu met.
    please suggest us the right machine for our purose.
    please note that our requirement is for dispensing machine and not for spraying.

  13. Luis Porres
    2014/02/07 at 13:16:42

    Please send price and information for DP-FA20 and DP-FA40 Polyurethane Foam spraying machines,
    Thank you
    Luis Porres

  14. Oleg
    2013/09/16 at 07:21:48

    How much a full DP-FA20 and its foam injector gun separately. Thank you

  15. Ahmad Issa
    2013/08/09 at 11:06:25


    We Re interested in soft Pu injection guns for decoration tiles. Does your company have such
    It is the same machines you have but smaller. Soft Pu injected into moulds.

    Waiting for your reply
    Ahmad Issa

  16. Andrei
    2013/02/12 at 15:56:53

    Good day! tell me whether you purchase the installation for spraying foam DP-FA20

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