Airless spray guns

Airless spray guns

DP airless spray guns are all high pressure paint spray guns with swivel hose connector

All DP Airless paint spray guns are inspected one by one before shipment, and use tungsten carbide ball & ball seat

We have different spray guns in max 250bar / 345bar / 500bar pressure, for different fluid application

  • spray guide for airless paint spray

    DP-637SPT Spray Guide Painting Tool


      Features of the spray guide for airless spray: The Spray Guide tool is designed to allow you to cut in using your airless sprayer without the need of tape or the use of a brush. Set up properly the Spray Guide will spray a precise paint fan against any running edge without any overs...

  • DP-6375L Straight handle airless painting gun with long pole


        Specifications of¬†DP6375L straight handle airless gun with extension pole and swivel Max.¬†Pressure:¬†270bar¬†/¬†3900psi Inlet¬†connector:¬†1/4"NPSM,¬†1/4"PT,¬†M16*1.5 Output¬†connector:¬†7/8" 4-finger¬†trigger Built-in¬†airless¬†filter¬†(standard¬†is¬†60mesh¬†white¬†color) With ...

  • DP-6374 500bar high pressure airless spray gun for pneumatic airless sprayers

    DP-6374 500bar airless paint spray gun with filter inside


    Specifications of  DP-6374 500bar high pressure airless spray gun for pneumatic airless sprayers High pressure spray gun Designed for pneumatic airless paint sprayer (with filter inside). Max. pressure: 500bar / 7250psi Inlet connector: 1/4"NPSM, 1/4"PT, M16*1.5 Outlet thread: 7/8", 11/1...

How Do You Know When To Replace Spray Tip?

Spray tip is easy worn spare parts. All spray tips will wear out in time depending on the abrasiveness of the material. The more high viscosity of the material, the faster the tip will wear out. Latex for example, will start to wear the tip out anywhere from 40-50 gallons.......Read more

X450 Airless Paint Spray Gun Trouble Shooting Guide

X450 airless paint spray gun Max. pressure: 250bar/3600psi Inlet connector: 1/4″NPSM, 1/4″PT, M16*1.5 Output connector: 11/16″, 7/8″ 4-finger trigger X450 Airless Spray Gun Trouble Shooting Guide as below.....Read more

FAQ About Airless Spray Gun Filters

Filters For Airless Spray Gun / Pump / Suction Below are common FAQs about airless spray gun filters. High pressure Airless spray gun Filter Guide-Reference Color Type Mesh Tip Size .....Read more


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