When is it TIME to replace your roller sleeve?

Some customers would ask “how many hours worked should i change the roller sleeve of DP-AR100?” or “what’s the lifetime of the roller sleeve?” like these.

To be honest, it doesn’t have a standard time to change it, but below are some of our suggestions when is it TIME you need to replace the roller sleeve.

  1. Once it’s getting dull, the paints cannot get out all, then it’s time you need to replace a new roller sleeve.
  2. When you noticed it works not a smooth coating but a textured look, then it’s working time enough to replace the roller sleeve.
  3. When you didn’t clean it perfectly, and some paints blocked in.
  4. When you need to coat two or more colors.

A good roller sleeve is quite important for your painting performance, replace it in right time is very important to ensure your good jobs.


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