DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller / Paint Brush Pad

  • Model Number: DP-AR100
  • Machine Power: Electrical
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Motor power: 45W
  • Motor type: Universal AC Motor
  • Flow rate: 0.25L/min
  • Spraying pressure: 4bar/60psi
  • Free load speed: 3000rpm
AR100 Automatic Paint Roller

AR100 Automatic Paint Roller / paint brush pad

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Model No.: DP-AR100 (with paint roller) / AR100B (with paint brush pad) / AR100H (high speed power roller, 170rpm motor)
Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz  (AR100C  powered by 24V Battery is available also)

Imput Power: 45W

Electric Motor: DC motor

Max. Presure: 0-2bar/30psi

Painting Delivery: 0.3L/min DP-AR100 (DP-AR100H 0.6L/min)

(there’s another fastser smat roller which will generate around 400ml per minute. This is only for professional contractor / professional painter use. So if you want to get this fast power roller, please contact our salesman and mention it in your email.)

Color Box Size:  27*27*28cm

Carton Size: 54*54*56cm(8pcs per carton)

GW/NW. 22/20kgs 1280sets/20’FT, 2560sets/40’FT

The standard paint roller kit include 4 m hose and 23*6cm roller, power adaptor, 2 extra peristaltic tube, manual.  and one extra pump tube inside each package for your replacing.

Features of AR100 electric paint roller:

EASY SET-UP Direct suck up from the paint tank.

EASY CLEANING SYSTEM With Quick Connector to garden hose for faster cleanup.

NO OVERSPRAY Paint pad & paint roller gives sharp edge finishing and no extra spreading

HIGH-EFFICIENCY Pumping continuously, 3 times faster than traditional manual paint roller.

Upgraded roller cover, the new designed roller cover will never fall off due to the screwed nut fixing system. Then you don’t need to worry abou the paint messy get your carpet / floor dirty any more.

Plastic inner stemming with many holes, it will cover the space of the roller inner diameter, but the paint will follow out from the metal tube to the inner stemming, and enter in the roller holes and finally to the wall.

The on/off switch is on the handle of the roller. You can easily start or stop the smart roller quickly.

The AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC PAINT ROLLER / BRUSH PAD is the newest innovation products for wall painting, The power roller design allows for continuous painting, making it extremely suitable for large or multi-room painting projects. The AR100 AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC PAINT ROLLER draws from any size container from 5L to 20L, and directly feeds the paint roller / brush pad for consistent application of paint to the surface for professional results. The ELECTRIC PAINT ROLLER KIT provides everything needed to complete painting projects with ease. Its the easiest to use and easiest to clean. Paint in less time without reloading, and output up to 250-330ml/mins, which is suitable for larger project. (please note only the roller OR the brush pad included in the package.  Not both included.) Extension Pole and Roller Cover are available with extra cost.


How does a smart power roller work? what’s the advantage?

The electric power roller use a peristaltic pump which keep squeezing a tube in the pump, and the tube would generate vacuum which will suck the paint to the suction tube. it is a smart roller actually, not a electric roller.

The paint goes up and up smoothly from the suction tube, to the pump tube, then through the 4m long tube to the roller.

It will lose your 2 or 3 minutes for the paint goes up to the roller, but it will save you half time for the whole painting job, because the pump will draw the paint continously, the user could just keep rolling onto the wall.

How much is the smart roller? what’s the best price? what’s the MOQ?

Normally the price is different based on the order quantity. MOQ for the power roller kit is 200 sets. We can make it OEM color / package / label if you can order 20ft container (1280sets). and we’ll support you with the best discount price for full container shipment.

Contact us by email, or talk to us through online chat, our sales team will contact you quickly.



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  1. Bendy
    2016/10/22 at 01:54:59


    I would like to enquire what would be the cost of 1 unit of DP-AR100 Automatic Paint Roller / Paint Brush Pad?

    Thanks and Regards

  2. manoj rawat
    2016/10/11 at 15:43:59


    i am looking for automatic paint roller with high capacity

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