Why choose DP-X5AM air-assisted airless sprayer

Air-assisted airless is a unique application for spraying. When used correctly you can achieve transfer efficiency similar to HVLP spray outfits, production similar to airless units, and finish quality that is close to an HVLP gun.

One of the biggest benefits to an air-assisted airless paint sprayer is the ability to provide a finer atomization of coatings. By adding assist air into the fluid stream you achieve a finer break up and finish than you usually will using an airless paint sprayer. Air-assisted spraying process is mainly used when high-quality surfaces are desired. In addition to a finer quality, air assist airless paint sprayers will waste less paint. This will ultimately be able to help keep your costs down by not having to buy as much paint for a given project.

Air Assist Airless can be similar to an airless unit is production. Airless will always be the king of speed, but an Air Assist Airless unit is not far behind. The main difference in production is that typically an Air Assist Airless will be operating at lower pressures and as a result have slower fluid delivery compared to an airless operating at maximum pressure.

DP-X5AM advantages:
Fine finish quality painting
High production speed of airless
Available to spray the widest range of fine-finish materials without reducing.
Light weight, easy to move and carry.
Work with DP-G40 air-assisted spray gun, air adjustment valve conveniently located right at the gun, fine finish gun filter included, and fine finish tip provide a superior finish painting.
DP-X6AA is a piston pump air-assisted airless sprayer, allow for consistent priming and pumping heavier materials, long lifetime piston rod and v-packings.
Easy to clean.
High Output On-Board Air Compressor

DP-X5AM Air-assisted Airless Paint Sprayer

DP-X5AM Air-assisted Airless Paint Sprayer


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