Understanding Airless Spray Tips

When you chose the airless paint spraying pump, you must have a full understanding the airless spray tip.

because the airless spray gun is different from conventional spray gun, the air spray gun has 3 knobs, for controlling the air inlet pressure, paint outlet volume and also the spraying pattern width.

But the airless spray gun doesn’t have these knobs. It only has one action trigger, one inlet connector to the paint hose, one fixed size spray tip without any adjusting function.

So how to change the airless spraying volume? how to chose the right airless spray tip size?

please kindly note the relationship of the tip opening (orifice) to spray pattern size is

Given a constant width (fan), the larger the orifice, the more material the sprayer will apply. (A larger orifice means greater paint flow).

Airless Tip oriface chart

Given a constant orifice size, an increasing fan width will apply a thinner coating of material to the surface because a given amount of material is distributed over a larger area.

Airless tip fan width chart

Sizing a Spray Tip Chinese manufacturers typically use three numbers to designate tip size, as in 517 or 211.


The first digit refers to fan width and is one-half the size of the working fan width. The second and third digits refer to orifice size in thousandths of an inch; thus, the 17 in 517 refers to an orifice size of .017 inches.

The following examples illustrate the tip numbering convention:

Airless Tip Number - Fan Width - Orifice Size
211 - 4 inches - .011 inches
417 - 8 inches - .017 inches
527 - 10 inches - .027 inches

Dino-power Reversible airless spray tips are stamped on the top of the directional arrow for easy reference.

517 airless tip5 = 10″ fan pattern at 12 inch spraying distance
17 = 17 thousandths orifice size

Which tip size to buy? Well now you know what the sizes mean, the question is which sized do you need? This will depend on:

  • A: Area you are spraying.
    Example: If you were spraying a 4 inch baseboard in a new house, you would not pick out a 517 (10 inch fan) to spray it with.
  • B: What size paint sprayer you have
    If your pump is rated at a max tip of .017 you can not spray with a 519 tip
  • C: Kind of material you are spraying ( Example latex primer, or oil base stain. )
    This is actually not as important of a factor as you would think, since a 415 would spray either of the above mentioned materials, but is a factor to consider.


We made a TOP Seven “most popular” sizes spray nozzle tips we sell and their main usage. Top Seven airless tip sizes:

  • #1: 415 Would be the most popular size for spraying just about anything. Walls, doors, ceilings, decks, exterior walls, exterior siding a good all around tip.
  • #2: 517 Very popular for spraying int. walls, and int. ceilings.
  • #3 413 This is good size for painting the doors, and exterior. overhang and exterior siding. Gives you a little more control vs a 415 for exterior spraying. Also sometimes used for spraying Cabinets.
  • #4 313 Same areas as 413, but just for narrower areas.
  • #5 515 About the same areas as a 415, just a bit wider fan width.
  • #6 211 This is a very small tip, we sell it more for new construction for spraying baseboard installed up on the wall. And for exterior facial board. Note you will need a extra fine red spray gun filter for spraying with this small of a tip. Also you will have to watch that red filter when spraying latex with this small tip setup, it will tend to clog faster than normal.
  • #7 619 First make sure your pump will maintain a .019, main use is for New construction were over spray is of no concern, and high output is needed. If you are not familiar with spraying you will need to watch for runs with this tip size.

If you still have questions on tips, feel free to email or call us. We would be glad to give a recommendation.

Hopefully now you have a better understating of paint spray tip nozzle. Click this link to order:


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